Monday, November 13, 2023

Weekly Hobby Update 11.13.23

 Hello and Happy Monday everyone!  Yet another new week is here and it is time to look back at last week's hobby from yours truly.  However, it is also time to look ahead at the upcoming Warhammer 40k Grand Narrative and World Championships of Warhammer.  I will be there as usual working the show so be sure to follow my Social Media, especially my Instagram, to keep up to date and be aware that next week's blog will be delayed or even pushed back a week....or the following week I am also attending the Square Based GT.  With all that said let us jump into the post!

As  a heads up I plan to take a break from these style of posts for the foreseeable future, but you can expect other posts both her eon the blog and on my Youtube!

Hobby last week saw some new additions to my wood elves, Cities of Sigmar, and Tomb King armies.  After grabbing a Wood Elf lot from a local friend I added a few of them to my Wood Elf army and gave them a quick paint job to match my current force.  A few other of the models were added to my upcoming Cities of Sigmar army as was a new kitbashed Hero on Mount.  From the Tomb Kings side of things my friend Mark, who painted the army has a few new minis to give me he painted to match my force as well as a spare Settra that was half painted which I finished to really flesh out the army.

I also got a chance to repaint a few older models from my High Elf army in prep for the upcoming Square Based GT as well!.  I might go back and do even more points if there is time!



Fitness last week had me feeling strong despite not getting to the gym as often as I would like.  With lots of travel coming up I need to stay focused to get lift sessions in as much as possible over the next few weeks!

With the upcoming WHFB Square Based GT coming soon I spent a day with my friend Aleks playing WHFB to practice both my list as well as playing a variety of armies to get him back up to speed on what he may see at the event.  It was a great day and I hope to get one more practice game in with my finalized list before the event.

Street Fighter 6 had a big win last week in my books!  With the onslaught of tournaments happening online, I managed to earn the last of all 43 achievements for the game!  It feels good, but I still have a lot of work to do to improve.

Have a great week this week everyone and be sure to check in on your friends to make sure they are okay.  Until next time.  Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!