Friday, December 15, 2023

Refounding of Tayrathian Temple Ghyra

 Hey Everyone!  Today I have a small bit of lore I wrote for my event this weekend.  The Tayrathi Classic 2023.  It ties into the lore of the event I wrote and sets up a fresh new start for Tayrathi in her original Temple home.  Enjoy and be sure to follow my Instagram to see all the fun from this weekend!

Tayrathi looked out across the verdant rolling hills a sense of wonder swelling in her chest she could never quite shake.  It had been long since she saw this view from the site of the original “Tayrathian Temple” in Ghyran.  Having fulfilled her contract with the Kharadron of Fleet Maxa’Va, despite a poor showing from her followers in the competition, she had set the destination for relocation to her original home.  The Kharadron fulfilled their end of the bargain and deposited Tayrathi and her cult within the ruined temple many months ago and they set to work rebuilding.

Tayrathi had hoped more of the temple would have remained, but having drawn the ire of Alarielle and her mercurial children before their previous Exodus she did not doubt they brought such destruction to the temple.  

Tayrathi’s gut tied in a knot recalling the past years….her flight from Ghyran Temple to the Brutos Hills to found a new Tayrathian Temple, her part in the sacking…and defense…of Anvilgard, the loss of her Aqshian temple due to rampaging Ogor Mawtribes.  However, just as the phoenix of the Pheonicium rises from the ashes, she would rise once more.  Work was well underway in the reconstruction of her Ghyran Temple and many of the nearby settlements offered their support out of reverence or fear.  Even her ranks among her followers began to swell, a needed blessing after the recent losses amongst her flock.

Despite the positive direction things were headed there was yet another challenge ahead of her.  Tayrathi had reached out to Hammerhall to establish a mutually beneficial trade agreement through Hammerhall Ghyra, but recently so had Morathi-Khaine through Hammerhall Aqsha.  With the Dawnbringer Crusades at a new height, it seemed Hammerhall was both wary and eager for the assistance of the Khainties, but not wanting to accept too many into their political structure they asked both Tayrathi and Morathi-Khaine to prove their worth to see who would earn the most lucrative of the deals.

Both Tayrathi and Morathi-Khaine would call upon their list of allies and no doubt come head to head, but Tayrathi has one ace up her sleeve.  Morathi-Khaine would never dirty her hands directly while Tayrathi would lead her forces personally.  With a determined smile, Tayrathi set to work once more to ready her flock for the events to come and spill blood in Khaine’s name.