Saturday, January 13, 2024

Tayrathi - The Asur Era

 Hello everyone!  With the upcoming release of Warhammer: The Old World I wanted to write some starting lore for Tayrathi in this time setting.  While, in the Age of Sigmar, Tayrathi is a follower of Khaine and Morathi she was not always.  In The World That Was she was a high-standing Asur (High Elf) whose family did not shy away from the worship of Khaine, but kept it a bit hidden to save face.  This would eventually cause her to follow Tyrion and Morathi during The End Times leading to her full worship of Khaine and eventually resurrection in The Mortal Realms by Morathi.  However, there is a great story to tell between the setting of The Old World and the Age of Sigmar and I hope you enjoy this starting point as we return to the World of Legend.

    Tayrathi bowed her head in a prayer of safe travels to Asuryan, Isha, and Khaine, although she would not openly admit the last of that trio to anyone not as close as kin, as the ship she rode cut through the ocean waves towards The shores of “The Old World” and Tor Martel.  She even offered a small prayer to her gods for the continued health of the Everqueen and her daughter and future Everqueen, Alarielle.  

If she was honest Tayrathi was unsure of why the Asur would even care about the unfolding events of “The Old World” as the Humans seemed fractured and impotent, Chaos had been all but banished, the dreaded Druichii were mostly vacant, and the Dwarfs complacent in their mountains.  By Khaine's glory, she had experienced the thrill and joy of battle against many of the enemies of Ulthuan, but she was still unsure why the Asur needed to risk themselves during this time of relative peace, except maybe to reconnect to the Asrai.  It was orders of The Pheonix King Finubar so who was she to question that authority?

    While she was unhappy to be leaving her home of Ulthuan the sense of adventure pulled on her heart and being able to represent her family in a Grand Host of the Asur made Tayrathi’s heart sing.  She would make her family, and her gods, proud as a true Noble of Ulthuan and carry the banner entrustied to her with stoic determination.  Besides a few more successful battles against the Greenskins or Beastmen would only help her and her family's name’s standing within the courts of The Pheonix King.  Perhaps even a lucrative trade agreement negotiated between herself and the Bretonnians would help her family’s position.

    As Tayrathi’s resolve returned a sudden wave brought her back to the reality of life at sea.  As a daughter of Ellyrion, she was used to living on horseback across the plains and not the rolling sea.  She braced herself as a nearby White Lion quickly approached her to assist.  She casually waved his assistance away but appreciated it nonetheless.  The White Lions seemed at home in any environment and she planned to learn their skills in the coming years.  

    A new adventure awaited in “The Old World’ and Tayrathi would meet it all with honor and the excitement of youth.  Her kin would mark her name in their history as a true Daughter of The Asur as Khaine, Asuryan, and Isha were her witnesses…