Sunday, February 7, 2016

Basing in the Age of Sigmar

My original plan for this weeks post was to talk about my "top secret" Age of Sigmar Aelf army, but while working on said army today I began thinking about rebasing and base sizes.  That train of thought gripped me to the point I decided to make this post about my thoughts on the subject.

Remember when this picture dropped?

Many people have rebased an old Fantasy Army or are currently in the process of doing so.  Some are using inserts while others are clipping models from their old squares and putting them on "appropriate" size round bases.  So what does appropriate mean?  What looks the best?  What may give the best advantage in game play?  What I have laying around?

There are valid points for every argument here so what are we to do?  My local scene is still small and most were very upfront and vocal that they will never rebase.  I thought about rebasing as well, but with my local scene keeping squares for the chance of old edition games I decided it was best to leave my square based model as they are and simply begin a new army and use rounds (until my local scene changes its mind).

Everyone has seemed to settle on some standards for basing and that is a great thing, but something written (and proven to work) would help resolve any left over feelings for staying square.  Thankfully the SCGT 2016 packs dropped and BAM (timing is everything)! We have something written down to push the community to rounds.  Is it required?  Yes...and no...

You must be on rounds, but you can blue tac your squares to rounds.  A simple fix that shouldn't bother anyone to much.  On top of that I really like how you wont lose paint score, but are not eligible to win painting awards unless you are fully committed to rounds bases.

I really like the concept of being able to go up a base size if you choose.

I can see this being adopted across the Tournament (and eventually the casual) community in the months to come.  Just like Mo/Clash Comp came around and suddenly turned this whole AoS tournament ship in the right direction I believe SCGT Pack will push the community toward round basing as the standard.  The community is still growing and it is an exciting time to be one of the faithful!  Now back to basing my army....


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