Sunday, January 31, 2016

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The End Times

The End times had begun.  

The great necromancer Nagash was born again and the world would never be the same...

I was excited when The End Times kicked off and rushed to secure a copy and jump right into the story.  I was enjoying the battles and the intrigue as I read through my copy and then it happened.  Eltharion The Grim was killed.  That was when I knew something was different.  It was when I began to hold my breath for what was to come and found myself clinging to hope as my favorite characters were doing throughout the series.

The Fall of Altdorf, Naggaroth, Eight Peaks, Lustria, and countless other places would sting as they happened, but as an Elf Player nothing prepared me for Rhana Dandra (The Elven Last War on Chaos)...

Seeing Malekith rise as Phoenix King and Tyrion's fall (and romance with Morathi?) from grace managed to mix every emotion I had in a blender to figure out where I would stand.  At long Last I sided with the True Phoenix King...Malektih.

Ulthuan would sink as would my heart, but Life continues and so did the story.  I saw many people get conflicted at the Rules and the Story.  I chose to embrace it all and enjoy the journey I was on and looking back I am glad I did.  I never refused a game with Khaine Magic wheter I was playing my Elves or Dwarfs.  I played multiple games with all the rules out the window when Archaon dropped.  I enjoyed it all and I am glad I did so and still hope to get more End Times games in the future.

The End Times happened with our community as well. My local scene would collapse as I watched the global community explode.  I stayed my course and held onto the spark in the darkness along with Sigmar until we finally arrived at The Age of Sigmar.  The community was small, but the few the survived have begun rebuilding and I am happy to add my efforts to make this new World(s) great as The Old World once was.  For those that left I wish you good gaming and hope to see you keep gaming in whichever system you choose.  For those who made it through the realm of Chaos to The Mortal Realms I am glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we take War to this new Age.

To this New Beginning!