Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Living Game Concept

Age of Sigmar is considered a living game, but what does that mean?  For decades we have had a "stagnant" game with Warhammer Fantasy.  While the rules did update and units/characters came in and out of the game the overall setting and story remained the same and if any advancement was made it was pulled back to a prior time to keep the Fantasy Setting intact.

With Age of Sigmar we have a continuously evolving story where each new book can potentially move the story forward, kill off characters, or possibly add new characters.  This can be very exciting, exhausting, and even frightening.  Look back at The End Times to see an (Extreme) example of a living game.

While it can be a roller coaster ride as far as the fluff is concerned the benefit to rules can be great.  My favorite example of this would be X-wing.  The game releases Waves with new ships and cards and even new factions in the case of Scum.  While there is no official story for X-wing they do utilize the fluff from the Star Wars Universe to create their pilots, ships, and upgrade cards.

As I have stated in a previous post I enjoyed The End Times and so far I am enjoying the fast pace of Age of Sigmar.  While my Wallet is still hoping they step off the gas a bit I do hope the living system continues at a consistent pace regarding fluff and rules.  I want the story to move, but not at a snails pace or leaps and bounds and as new Warscrolls are introduced I would prefer they mix up the "Meta" for gaming without turning into needing to buy the newest toy in order to compete.

While I would enjoy having a Grand Alliance Book not be outdated weeks after its release I am not opposed to buying yearly updated copies (at the nicely costed price) as new scrolls are added. I can not complain to much considering the Warscrolls are being printed in White Dwarf and updated in the App, but seeing books being incomplete very quickly is not a trend I would like to see continue.

Gamesworkshop is getting more involved in our community once more and as these issues arise I hope our voice will be heard (above and hate or mocking that may be present) so our living game can continue and evolve better as the Ages roll on.