Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Allure of the WAAAAGH!

WAAAAAGH...and all that...

Orruks (previously Orcs) have always had a special place in my heart.  It was an army I almost began my hobby with due to their comical and bestial nature.  Look at the jolly guy above.  He screams Warhammer to me in all the right ways.

Look how happy he is for a fight

Now we finally see Greenskins return in force to the Mortal Realms and I  cannot be more pleased.  They look great and still held onto the Warhammer Orc Charm that I thought would be lost or adjusted with the new setting.  The fluff bits that are out pretty much cement the fact that Orruks are still the lovable Orcs we knew from The World that was.  They are still scrapin' for a fight and carry the same accent as always, just a bit more armored.

My Orc from WAR

Even with my love and preference for Aelfs (Elves) above all else these Greenskins always found a way to capture my attention and with the new relase I find it harder and harder to resist jumping in for a scrap with da boys.  I happen to have the perfect general(s) as well...

A repaint and rebase would be in order

Now to continue my futile attempt at not joining the WAAAGH.