Monday, May 2, 2016

The New Persona of Games Workshop

Well It looks the same so far....

Over the past year and a half our game has gone through big changes.  We had our End Times both in game and within the community.  As of now the Faithful (#OnlyTheFaithful!) feel pretty happy with ol' GW and for good reasons.  Let's go back a bit and see just how it all has changed (from my part of the world anyway).

Who can forget this guy?

There he is, the Silent Guardian.  What seemed like a permanent fixture at Warhammer World was always there to greet those lucky Tabletop Generals who could travel and play at Games Workshop Main.  However, the times would change....

Sigmar Arrives!

An audible gasp was heard across the globe as the statues and wings were replaced as Games Workshop began to push their new baby.  Age of Sigmar had arrived and all bets were off.  Sadly the initial launch was mismanaged and the community suffered for it.  Some held true while others went looking for greener pastures.  Thankfully this error would be recognized by Games Workshop and the upswing would begin!

Back in the game.

Games Workshop is back on social media and interacting with all of us and simply ignoring the hate that may come there way.  The have released the First Draft of the FAQ to ask our input.  They invited some of our favorite pod-casters (Listen to them here!) to come play test and offer input to give us what we needed and have been asking for from the start.  A points system that is official and allows anyone to play someone else easily.  They are running a painting competition on their page.  Recently I was even given direct Games Workshop prize support for my local club to increase of scenery foot print and prizes (as well as a campaign pack to use for the event).  

They are finally listening and those Faithful can be happy as we enter this exciting new time in Age of Sigmar.  More and more new players are getting in and hopefully some of those that left long ago will return.  So lets be ready to put some toy soldier son the boards and throw some dice as our community grows again!