Friday, May 27, 2016

Why I still have Squares...

I have yet to rebase my old armies....and I do not intend to do so.

Over the past months I have really enjoyed Age of Sigmar.  The Campaigns, Narratives, Fluff, and all the new hobby abound have filled my time.  I have seen many people rebase their old armies to the new round bases and it is great seeing people embrace this new system, but I simply could not bring myself to rebase (even my unpainted models) despite them looking much better on rounds. 

I couldn't understand why I was hesitant.  My local scene is mostly square, but they admittedly do not have the time or urge to rebase.  I had the urge (and time) many times, but always chose not to go through with the process.  At first I assumed I simply wasn't entirely done with 8th and would go back to play a game here or there until AoS had an abundance of scenarios and campaigns.  We all know that there is more then enough of these now and I still chose not to rebase.


My painting table currently has this block of Executioners on it ready rank and file to victory, but I truly doubt I will use them ranked in an 8th ed. battle (and I have no intention of playing 9th age or KoW).  I realized that I am pretty much done with 8th ed. and will be playing AoS and if an old scenario from 8th grabs my attention I would rather rework it to fit into AoS then bust out the movement trays.  I realized that I was done with 8th ed. game play, but I wasn't done with the army.  I wanted to pay my tribute so to speak to the 8th armies I had been working on.  I had a vision of what they were going to be and that vision didn't change with AoS.  I still see Ranked Armies in my head and I still enjoy the thought of the army being finished in this way.  So I will finish my Dark Elf and Wood Elf armies on squares because that was my vision.  

However, I embrace AoS Fully with a new army and a new vision that includes round bases.  

Besides I could always use Aelfs...