Thursday, January 26, 2017

Introducing The Steel City Sigmar Tournament Series (ITC)

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to talk this week about my local club, and the exciting things that are happening.

The club is located in and around Pittsburgh, PA, and several small Age of Sigmar groups have popped up all over the place.  Clubs from Latrobe, Ligonier, Pittsburgh, Bridgeville, Monroeville, and I am sure others I have missed, are off playing Age of Sigmar together at their friendly local gaming store (FLGS).  Occasionally people from these gaming groups pop into our new Games Workshop Warhammer Store, but there is very little cohesion.  A few of us who frequent the Warhammer Store have begun playing competitively on a regular basis, and have decided to work on a way to bring these clubs together under one roof.  This will hopefully branch out to others even further away.

The Steel City Sigmar Tournament Series hopes to bring a friendly, competitive Age of Sigmar gaming environment to the region.  The club have been working with Frontline Gaming to be added to their ITC ranking system.  As you have seen on some recent blog posts, we are consistently running smaller tournaments monthly, but the hope is to grow large enough to qualify for Grand Tournament status.   

In conjunction with the ITC ranking system, it will also be using a local ranking system for the Steel City Tournament Series that you will gain throughout the season to count toward prizes and bragging rights.  Not only will you be able see where you place nationally, but also be able to see where you stand in a regional sense.  As the series moves through this process, they are looking for any critiques or advice, so that they can make positive changes. 

The first event will be held on March 12th at Legions Games, one of our local FLGS near Pittsburgh, PA.  The event will consist of three games with random round one pairings.  The entry fee will be put to prize support in the form of Store Credit for the FLGS (the event is not run by the FLGS, but we want to "Pay where we play"). I look forward to writing a full and detailed report about the event, as well as a brief overview of the games I will play in a future post.

If you are thinking about joining us feel free to check out the event pack here and if you have any questions on attending these events or helping out please feel free to reach out to the contact below.

As always feel free to follow me on Twitter (@odiamh) Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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