Friday, February 3, 2017

The Realm Gate Blog One Year Anniversary

Last week was the anniversary of my blogging career, and I wanted to take a moment to look back on this previous year.


On January 23rd, 2016 I released my first blog post.  I loved the idea of running my own blog to share my thoughts and ideas with the community in a format beyond Twitter.  Truthfully I felt a little intimidated at first.  I believe I spent a week or two designing the blog layout and reading articles with titles such as "How to write your First Blog Post".  Soon I realized that I just needed to jump in with both feet and enjoy the plunge. 

Humble Beginnings...

I did my best to consistently put out one post each month.  I was successful in posting once or twice a month.  I, however, did miss a post in the month of August.  The topics I discussed were varied and typically what was on my mind at the time.  I was able to follow and respond to the trending topics of the Age of Sigmar community at large.  It is very likely that you will continue to see the same general composition of topics in the coming year, but I hope to add new topics of my own as well.  I believe responding to current events in the community and introducing topics of my own will create a continuing narrative between you, the readers, and myself.

This year I decided to make a few changes to my blog.  The biggest was switching to a weekly release format.  I am still adjusting to the new level of output, but I am very happy with the change.  One of my goals is to ensure I post entries on the same day every week within the next few months.  The other big change was the addition of my friend Tom as my editor.  If you have read my blog before, it isn't a secret that I am not the best with grammar or sentence structure, but I am striving to improve on this.  Tom has stepped up to edit my posts in order give you an improved professional product. 

I have had a lot of support throughout this past year.  I want to end by offering my thanks to everyone who joined me on this journey.  First, let me thank those in the Twitter community who have retweeted my blog posts, encouraged me along the way, and read my blog.  Second, I want to thank Tom who is now editing my blog.  He is volunteering his time to help me produce a better product.  He also has been my longest wargaming buddy.  He has taught me a lot about the way of gaming and tactics throughout the years.  Next, I want to thank my closest friends who are always there encouraging me.  They are not all wargamers, but they can see my love for this game, and buy me brushes, paints, models, and put up with my questioning of "What color scheme should this army be?" or "How does this look?".  When they visit my home, I am always humbled by the amount of time they spend looking at my latest work.  It truly fills me with joy having friends like this in my life.  Last I want to thank my wife for many of the same reason as my friends, but also because she allows me to put the time into my hobby as well display my armies throughout our home.

And of course, I cannot forget to thank you, my readers.  I am always pleased to see when my reader numbers increase every month.  Without you, this blog would not be worth it.  I hope you have enjoyed my first year and are looking forward to the coming year of posts.  The best thing I can hope for is that every one of you will share my blog with you gaming friends and clubs.  I also encourage you all to reach out to me about any topics you might be interested in seeing in the coming year.

Until next week, Happy Hobbying!