Friday, May 5, 2017

Player Spotlight : Comrade Aleks G.

Hey Everyone!  This week I wanted to continue my new segment where I talk to a club mate about their journey in Age of Sigmar and this Hobby.  Today I will be talking with Aleks who is part of my local club Ligonier Legions.  He hangs around twitter so follow him here (or on Instagram here)!

Aleks being carried by me (just like our games)

Hey Aleks,  Thanks for being letting me chat with you for a bit.
"I am happy to be with you"

So Aleks how did you begin your journey in this hobby?
"It started when I was about 12 or 13 back in my homeland Russia.  There was a little hobby store near my school that I always visited.  One day I bought the cheapest models I could and the cheapest paint and began painting.  The owner of the shop was a commission painter who helped me quite a bit.  I remember painting a small goblin with about 3 colors total on it."

What made you decide to make Age of Sigmar your main tabletop game?
"I was introduced to Warhammer through Dawn of War on PC.  I asked my dad to send me a kit Moscow where he was working.  He sent me some Orks.  I soon found Fantasy and got an Orc Battallion I messed around with, but when 8th dropped I picked up The Island of Blood and fell in love with the High Elves.  Soon after I moved to the US and I brought my High Elves with me and found the local hobby store where I bought more Elves.  I choose to paint all my models before I played.  Actually, you were my first game of Fantasy when we played High Elves on High Elves.  I remember using my Russian Rulebook it was a mess.  I kept with Fantasy through Age of Sigmar and haven't let go.  We knew each other, but really became friends when Age of Sigmar dropped.  You were the only one in the area who pushed to play Age of Sigmar from the beginning and I don't want to go anywhere."

Aleks has a large custom Free People's Halfing Army

What armies are you currently working on or playing?
"I am playing High Aelfs, about 2000pts.  I still have Skaven around 2000pts.  I am currently working on a Free Peoples Halfling themed army.  I also have an extensive Moon Clan army.  My biggest focus currently is building Disciples of Tzeentch."

In regards to Open, Matched, and Narrative play where do you fall?
"Absolutely Matched Play!  I feel I am still hung up in the illusion of balance points bring.  I am happy doing custom games or events, but I always like to have points."

Are there any aspects of this Hobby that you really enjoy?
"I enjoy competitive army building.  As a college student, I like to squeeze out the best army possible with least amount of money spent.  I also enjoy converting models to make them unique and my own."

These High Aelves have seen battle against my forces plenty of times

On the other end, what parts do you perhaps not enjoy?
"I do not enjoy painting when I have to paint.  Working to deadlines isn't fun.  I prefer to paint for myself as I take a lot of joy in putting a lot of effort into each model."

What is your Dream Goal for yourself in this Hobby?
"My ultimate fantasy about this hobby is to go to a major GT and win either overall, best of, or best painted."

Can you share with us a memorable experience within Age of Sigmar?
"It is not so much a memory, but a realization.  My favorite part about Age of Sigmar is how Gamesworkshop is handling this game.  The community team, videos, and articles are what is making this game as good as it has become!"

His Abomination is always a must kill for me...

Where do you see the U.S. Age of Sigmar Community regards to Locally, Regionally and Nationally?
"Right now it seems very dispersed.  It is like everyone is in their own bubble in the mortal realms.  Not enough people get together to really solidify the US community due to the size of the country."

What would you like to see in the U.S. National Age of Sigmar Community?
"It would be cool if there was a U.S. ranking system that was accepted by everyone and there was a US Grand Tournament or Masters event."

Thanks again Aleks!
"It's over already?  Thanks for having me."

As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and let me know if there is any aspect of the hobby you would like me to discuss!  Until Next week, Happy Hobbying!