Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 5-3-17

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all have been on a roll with your hobby.  There is plenty to prepare for such the upcoming Nashcon, Coalescence, Socal Open, Cross Roads GTNova and the new Midwest Meltdown (Ask Domus for more info)!  I am still trying to prepare the terrain for my local Coalescence event as well as prepare a Display board for my Warhammer Stores Inner Circle event.

2 day Display Board!

I was able to work up this fairly generic display board in a few days for the local Inner Circle Event as well as having it on hand for anyone to borrow at future events due to their travel arrangements or limited time.  It turned out well enough, but the best part was finding precut 2x2 foam boards at my local hardware store.  It made things much quicker!

Perhaps I will try to get more Sisters.  Really fun Model

I did manage to finish painting my Sister I had on hand, but I might take my Eldar to the Inner circle instead as it is a much larger and more impressive force to display.  The other option is to bring a mixed Imperium list which could be just as fun.  It will most likely be a snap decision.

Blood for the Blood God

I also built some Khorne kits I ha.d on my desk  I am very happy how the War Shrine turned out with the Blood Reavers carrying it.  Now to go buy some Daemons to grow the force and begin painting within the next month or so.

Much to PJSchard's Displeasure

I also decided to redo one of my Stormcast Conversions.  I am already much happier with my new Venator.  I just cannot put the StormBros down it seems.

Let me know what you are working on and as always follow me on Twitter for "up to the minute" hobby.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!