Sunday, April 30, 2017

Steel City Sigmar's Second Event

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about Steel City Sigmar's Second event.  Sadly I was unable to attend, but one of the local club members Mike S. was gracious enough to write up his games and thoughts from the second event.

I met Mike at the local Warhammer store and he has been part of the scene since the first day.  He admittedly is a bit of a Meta Chaser, but always a fantastic gentleman to play and have a beer with after the dice are done rolling.  Check out his game recaps below as well as pictures from the event!

Game 1: vs Dave D. and his Iron Jaws
Blood and Glory

Great opponent and friend. His experience in 40k really made him a difficult opponent even when it was his 5th game of Sigmar and never played against beast claw.  I let him come across the board figure I play the movement game with another Destro army.  There he got 3 Gore Gruntas into combat with my Thunderstusks on turn 1 but wasn't enough cause the 12 mortal wounds coming out a turn are just too overwhelming to deal with for some armies.  I was lucky to table him basically by turn 4. He was doing really good dmg but just couldn't keep up with 1/2 dmg stone horn.

Game 2: vs Alex W. and his Kharadron Overlords and Stormcast mash up.
Border wars

I made tactical blunders and turn 1 he killed a Stonehorn in the shooting phase. Never seen an army do that before.  We played all the way to turn 5 and it came down to an initiative roll.. who won the roll off wins the game. I lost.  I am not used to these shooting armies in Sigmar. I left my 2 big guys in shooting range and it was a bad idea. Even though 1/2 all wounds still wasn't enough.

Game 3: vs Grant and his Kunnin Rukk (X2)

Grant was working hard for a top spot and I decided with 460 shots a turn I have to do something unorthodox to get a victory. So... I basically fed him 2 units of moon clan grots. This gave me time to get my big guys into big charge range on turn 2. I got my Stone horn and thunder tusk into combat buffed with bellowing tyrant and battle brew. I killed like 60 out of 80 orcs in 2 turn and on the other side I killed another 25.  I ended up tabling him for max points and a major victory.

I got 2nd place overall and a bit of prize money that went right to Tyranids for 8th ed 40k!  I had a great time at the event, rolling tons of dice is awesome.  Very good times!

Final Standings from the event!


I am very happy to see the day went well and fun was had by all.  It is great to see the scene growing and a strong regular turnout to these one-day events.  I will be looking to join the Steel City Sigmar Club in their next event and hopefully do better than my first outing.  Until next week everyone, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!