Friday, June 16, 2017

Coalescence 2017 : The Battle for The Laurel Diamond

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to run down the Coalescence event I ran at my local club last Saturday as part of the Global Narrative.  It was a great day of wargaming with a room full of players really getting into the setting of the event.  The tables were full of smiles and friendly banter all day as well as exciting games and stories being created!

We ran the event at our local library which is our usual club hangout.  We play in the basement where we can be as loud as we like and there is plenty of space to set up all the tables we need.  I set out early to grab some coffee and relax a bit before all the madness began.  It was a great time to reflect on what I needed to do to ensure everyone had a great time.

The local Library where the event was held

I was very lucky to have some players show up early to help set up the tables and the terrain.  In about thirty minutes we had everything set up right now time as the players began to roll in with their armies and excitement for the games to come.  I called everyone together and gave a brief rundown of the day and encourage everyone to play within the spirit of the event.  

The calm before the storm

This was my first real go at being a true Event Organizer.  I have run small events with my club, but never before have I branched out across the region to get as many players as I could for the event.  It was a lot of work even for a one-day event and even though it was nerve-wracking it was one of the most fulfilling experiences within this hobby and I fear I might be hooked to

I want to give a shout out to the Steel City guys and the Rend 4 crew from Ohio who made the trek out for the day.  Being able to play different people is the best way to grow as a war gamer both socially.  These players brought fantastic hobby, great attitudes, and really helped make the event.

Game 2 in full swing

When the dice began rolling we had 11 players show up which meant I had to play the ringer so no one was sitting.  I worked my ringer army into the fluff from my event and brought Tyrion and Teclis to the table.  I paired players off with the goal of players playing at least one person they have never played before at least once in the day.  The great part of the narrative event structure was I could freely choose who plays who throughout the day.

The Event Pack was very nicely written and I had one minor questions throughout the day which was great considering I had to play along with everyone else.  After game one we saw Chaos in ascendance and due to the player mixed Chaos was the favored to win the event, but Order saw things differently and fought back every step of the way.  Destruction and Death were out in force, but could never really foothold on the other two Alliances.

The FLGS owner Norm choose to Photobomb

After the dice were down everyone pitched in to help clean up the tables and rest the Library basement back to how it was when we had arrived.  After three games the last thing anyone wants to do is moved heavy tables and put terrain away, but many hands make light work and it was done in no time.

We all gathered at the FLGS The Toy Soldier Gallery.  I calculated all the results and handed out the awards.  Thankfully we had some great prize support so most everyone went away with some models and an award, but the real winner of the day was the Game.  Everyone knew they were part of something bigger with this event.  They all fought to have a piece of the global narrative.

The winners of the day!

As is customary we all gathered at the local bar to share stories and talk about our next hobby projects.  After a long day of gaming, no matter how fun, it is great to unwind and just talk about our games and what they are inspiring us to do next.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of players that day and a lot of friendships and group connections formed that will mean bigger events for us all in the future.

Relaxing afterwards

In the end, Order managed to upset Chaos in the final round.  While Chaos led the way all day they managed to drop the ball in the last game while Order came up big for the upset.  Tyrion and Teclis would be proud to see the Shard attuned to Order and safely in the hands of Sigmar.

Order attuned The Laurel Diamond in the end

I hope you all enjoyed this brief recap of my Coalescence 2017 event.  It was a great success with lots of support assistance from the NEON team to help me confidently run my first larger event.  I can safely say I will be running more larger events in the future by working with other Club leaders in the surround region.  I hope to have a continuation or a new story for Coalescence 2018 as you can be sure it will be bigger and better.  As always have a great weekend and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!


The story of Coalescence 2017 
Tied to my local Story set in Hysh