Friday, June 30, 2017

Road to Nova Open 2017 : Part 1

Hey Everyone!  There is quite a lot of Warhammer Events coming up such as Midwest Meltdown in July, Slobberknocker GT in July, as well as Heat 3 at Warhammer World this weekend!  However, my focus is on Nova Open as it will be my second Grand Tournament and I could not be more excited.

This time around I will be participating in the Age of Sigmar Team Event on Friday as well as the Championship on Saturday and Sunday.  I also plan to catch up with the friends I have made in this hobby and enjoy the atmosphere of another major event so if you see me around come over and say Hi and talk some Hobby with me.  I really enjoyed connecting with others at  Adepticon this past year and joining in on the sense of community that we are all a part of in this Hobby.

I feel these larger events are the best time to really grasp the idea of the National and Global Community for Age of Sigmar.  We all share the same interest in this game and hobby and being able to share that passion as well as our ideas and projects regarding our local communities.  In doing this we will see all the smaller pockets of groups begin to connect and blend a bit more to really solidify what the U.S. Age of Sigmar players are as a whole, and create a collective feeling of Community.  I encourage everyone to talk, interact, and share your social media groups with each other as well and look at how we can all help each other grow into the following year.  Also, The Warhammer Community Team will be attending in force and they are a great group who I enjoyed meeting and discussing the U.S. Community with at Adepticon and they will be hosting a number of seminars once again.

One that I will be sad to miss will be on Wednesday night about Building a Community and if you can attend this seminar I couldn't encourage you more.  I am sure it will be full of great information and tips to help grow your local scene which in turn will work to improve our National Scene.

I have decided on my Stormcast Eternals again for Nova Open.  I feel very comfortable with the army and always have fun playing them winning or losing and the best part is I have a fully painted army so I do not need to rush to paint the army for the event which allows me to work on my current Blades of Khorne army.  However, I wouldn't put it past me to add a random unit to the army within the next month because I just can't stop painting Stormcasts it seems.

The Reiksguard Eternals return!

My goal for Nova Open is to place top half in the Team event with my good friend Matt who is bringing is Duardin Force and going for the top 25% in the Championship.  My list will be similar to my Adepticon list with minor changes and as of Sunday, I will be going into full Age of Sigmar practice mode.  I plan to play as many games with the army as possible and examining ways to adjust my list to bring the most competitive list I can for the Championship.  The Team event I plan to go a bit more relaxed as the event to me seems to be more about having fun with your partner and engaging in a fun game.  While the Championship will have the same feeling of fun and engagement I don't feel any pressure to win in the Team event.

I also have a little wager with Miles Hamrick.  We are seeing who can paint more models to completion between now and the event either Age of Sigmar or 40k.  Loser buys the other a round of drinks.  I will track this progress in the series as well to see if I can keep up with him and his Hobby!  Follow both of us on Twitter to see use duel it out.

Hopefully, I can knock out enough of these to pull out a win on our little wager

I look forward to bringing you more on my Road to Nova article series as well as coverage of my time there once it is all in the books.  If you are going to Nova please let me know and perhaps we can meet up.  I plan to be there Friday through Saturday and hitting me up on Twitter is the best way to grab my attention most of the time.  See you all there and until next week, Happy Hobbying!