Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-28-17

Hey Everyone!  It's Wednesday and time for my weekly Hobby Update.  It has been a fun week getting in my first game of the New 40k and getting back to some Age of Sigmar Hobby.  Nova is fast approaching and I plan to prepare with as many games with my Stormcast as I can in the next few months while painting up my Blades of Khorne so look forward to lots of that soon!

My good friend Ed also known as EvilEd has finally moved back into 40k coming from being very prominent in the X-Wing Community.  We had a great game of my Dark Angels versus his Space Wolves with him taking the victory.  I had a blast and I look forward to more games of 40k in the future.

My Khorne is assembled and free of mold lines.  I plan to give them a once over before I begin priming for my White and Gold Scheme.  I plan to push this army hard during July and possibly bring them to Nova for some Narrative games.  I am very excited as I want to take this army past any previous army I have done while removing mold lines, green stuffing gaps, and going for a paint scheme with shading, washing, and highlighting the entire army.

After finding out Path to Glory will be its own full supplement recently we get some info on the next edition of The Generals Handbook.  I am glad it is being labeled 2017 instead of Edition 2 as it promises a standard yearly update.  I can't wait to get a release date and will give it a review when I pick up my copy.

Let me know what you are working on and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!