Friday, August 18, 2017

Road to Nova Open 2017 : Part 3

Hey everyone!  Happy Friday and Happy GenCon Weekend!  Time is closing as Nova Open draws near Thirteen Days is all that remains until the big show and I feel vastly behind in my preparation, but determined as ever!  Hopefully, the rest of you are nice and relaxed and fully prepared, but if you are like me and fully in the Nova Crunch I wish you all the luck I can spare.

I have managed to get a fair number of practice games in with my Stormcast Eternals, but since I have been playing this army for the past few years I feel confident with playing it in the events.  The one downfall currently, is the constant restructuring of my list.  Not that tweaking a list is bad in any way, but I feel as if my list hasn't been all that stable since the release of the current Battletome for the army.

I decided to look at this a bit further and honestly ask myself why it has felt this way and why was it more constant before the new Battletome.  There is no doubt the Battletome brought a lot of great things to the army while removing some of the unfair, and to be honest, less fun shenanigans the army had in its utility belt.  I thought back to all my discussions about my Stormcast army on my Blog, during my guest appearance on Warhammer Weekly, The Whatsapp chat and various talks with friends around the community and I found that I was always referring to my army as The Warrior Brotherhood style and that is why I played Hammerstrike Battalion as it is, in a way, a toned down version of the over-the-top Alpha Strike that Warrior Brotherhood brought and which I played all the time.

After this realization, I decided to look at the idea of using The Warrior Brotherhood despite its changes at The Nova Open GT.  I dug into the player pack for the event and the more I read the more I saw the benefit that the Warrior Brotherhoods board control could bring.  I even toyed with the idea of taking the battalion to Adepticon, but I choose against it and in a way, I am sad I did, but not this time!  I also plan to shelve my Stormcast for a while after Nova to play my Khorne and begin a new Aelf army so playing the Warrior Brotherhood is a great way to close that chapter of Stormcast being my Primary Army.

While I have my list set, except for a few possible Hero changes, I still have one model to buy and paint.  A Knight-Heraldor, the Toot-Toot himself.  I plan to pick up one this weekend and hopefully get him built and color blocked as time runs out, but that will eat into time set aside for my Khorne Army.  I had set a goal for myself to have the Army completely painted by Nova, but I am still slogging through one of the last units with some larger models still left.  As much as it hurts to admit defeat I am afraid I must admit defeat in this aspect.  I will have the army done shortly after, just in time to face Grandfather Nurgle's Ascendancy.

As far as army transport is concerned I have had a wonderful Feldherr case for the past number of years that was given to me as a gift.  It has always been my companion to my battles and has carried countless warriors, mages, cavalry, and beasts for me.  However, after Adepticon it became painfully aware that the case was best suited for my older armies and smaller bases.  The foam has also seen better days.  Thankfully while at Adepticon I picked up the Case Mini from Battlefoam while in the dealer's room and I knew this was going to be my new Army Transport case.  I have ordered a Pack 352 with Pluck foam to get started, but after Nova, I will order some custom foam for Storage and plan to do a full review when I do.

With my list almost finalized and my new transport system on its way I am all set to print out my lists in color with custom images of my army using the Azyr App.  Thankfully this is no more than an evenings worth of work, but with time running out I will need to get on this within the next few days in order to have it all set and ready.

I also planned to order Custom Combat Gauges from 6 Squared Studios once again o hand out to my opponents and with my new logo I still want to do this, but looking at the time frame it might not be feasible to have them ordered and shipped to me on time but stay hopefully I can still get this done in time.

I still have a bit of work ahead of me, but I remain excited about Nova Open and the fun to be had there.  If you are going please reach out to me to meet up or at the very least stop me and say hi!  If you are not attending I will be bringing you my coverage from the event via Twitter and will recap my games and experience in a few follow-up posts in September.  Until next time, Happy Hobbying!