Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 8-23-17

Hey Everyone! The Nova Crunch enters its final stages with only eight days until the fun begins at Nova Open 2017!  I had many goals to complete by then and while quite a few will happen there is a bit that will not sadly.  However, it is no time to quit and while the goal will not be met I will readjust the timeframe for them to keep the goal in sight and reasonable.

I was hoping to have my Khorne completed before Nova.  I did not plan to take them to Nova, but I was using the convention as a landmark goal.  I did manage to complete my unit of thirty Bloodreavers this past weekend as well as Skarr Bloodwrath.  That only leaves ten models left to go, but they are all Heros or Behemoths and I do not wish to rush through them simply to get them complete.  Time is drawing to a close, but I will push my deadline to complete this army to mid-September to keep the goal of completing the army close to my original goal but giving myself a reasonable amount of time to complete it all.  Including deciding on a basing scheme for the army.

The Bloodreavers were very much a challenge and I don't recommend painting thirty of them at once.  The detail of the unit really slowed me down and is in part a reason on why I am behind of my original goal.  While the level of detail is extensive it does really make the unit pop and despite my struggles, I am really happy with how they turned out in the end.

Skarr was a fun model to paint and really easy as well.  My color scheme assisted since most of his model was left white on his armor and white with gray detail lines for the skin.  I might go back and add a bit more variation to the skin on this model to help differentiate the armor and skin a bit more, but he is tabletop ready once I get him based.

I am curious to see what everyone is working so let me know in the comments or on my Twitter feed and until Friday's post.  Happy Hobbying!