Friday, August 25, 2017

The Great Aelven Rebasing Project

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday and happy last weekend to wrap up your Nova Open Projects and Armies if you are attending this years convention.  Today I wanted to follow-up from a post I did quite some time ago entitled "Why I still have Squares".

In the article, I flat-out refused to rebase my old armies seeing them as bought for 8th edition and I wanted to honor the plan I had in my head for the army so I was leaving them on square bases and moving forward with my Stormcast Eternals force with plans to create new Aelf Armies in the future.  When The Generals Handbook released and I saw how the Aelves were broken into many many sub-factions I reasserted the thought to not rebase all my old Elf Armies and pushed onward.

Over time I found myself looking again at my Aelven forces sitting on display and began looking at how to create a mixed order force of Aelves.  Mostly, this was due to the fact that we have gone a very long time without an Aelf in sight and while I love my Stormcast Eternals I simply couldn't resist looking back at original Warhammer love of Aelves.

Fast-forward a year to the imminent release of The Generals Handbook 2017 with the points adjustments, allies system, and a plethora of other new fun elements to the game.  I am eating my words because I have decided to rebase my Aelves.  Initially, I was looking to rebase a few at a time as allies to my Stormcast, but that simply didn't satisfy my need for more Aelves on the gaming tables so I will go all in and rebase my old High, Wood, and Dark Aelves for use and I am excited to get started with the project.  In some way, I still felt that I might revisit 8th  edition at some point, but it has been over two years and it is safe to say I am not going back so time to round out my armies.

I still have Khorne to finish and a small contingent of Sylvaneth to paint, but a rebasing project isn't something that cannot be accomplished quickly with a plan.  Once I decide how they will all be based I imagine a could rebase an army in a weekend.  However, the debate on how to base them will be a tough decision.  Do I base them all the same in order to ally easier?  Perhaps I base them all individual and simply buy new kits to blend both painting and basing of allies into one of the forces.  It won't be an easy choice, but if I ever change my mind I could rebase once again since I no longer refuse to rebase my models.

Tomorrow we will have The Generals Handbook 2017 in hand and I look forward to exploring all the ways I can get my Aelves back into the battle and finally get my armies story established in The Mortal Realms; and off of the green turf.  Let me know what you might be planning for your allies if you have decided to start a brand new army with the new book or if you are digging out an older army to field with all the changes!

Next week is Nova Open, but you can still expect my usual Wednesday and Friday Posts and if you will be at the convention be sure to reach out to me to say "Hi"!  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!