Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 2-21-18

Hey Everyone! The Aelves are truly coming back in force as this coming Saturday the preorders go up for some of the new Daughters of Khaine and I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Battletome and Morathi's new model.  While part of me was hoping the release would be a few more weeks out in order to give me a chance to relax before Adepticon this seems to not be the case.  However, my excitement has only grown as the Adepticon cutoff date for new releases is March 3rd and it appears that Morathi and the new Battletome will be released in order to allow me to bring both to the event.  It means a change to my army list and some late nights of painting, but Morathi will be at Adepticon.

I took a bit of this past week to frame up some new art to hang in my hobby room and around the house.  I have been gifted old duplicate copies of Elf Army books and these make excellent pieces to hang around the house and these are the latest two editions to my growing collage on one of my walls.  Recently, at the Malign Portents Painting competition my local Warhammer store was giving away warscroll cards of the new Harbingers featuring their excellent artwork on the back.  I knew these would be framed as opposed to being used on the table and they frame up nicely in a simple 4x6 frame.

I also took time to create my awards for the upcoming Malign Portents Coalescence event I will be running for my local club on March 17th.  I love making these simple awards and they cost less than two dollars each and gives my players a nice reward for their hard-earned victories.  If you wish to create these yourself the Neon Blog has offered up an easy way to do so.

While the future looks less likely that I will be fielding all 120 of my Witch Aelves at Adepticon with the new book mixing things up I am happy to say I have completed them all this past week.  It was a labor of love and I feel that I am now an expert on painting Aelf Thongs which is a skill I never thought I would need.  I was honestly worried about the final stage of adding the warpaint and painting the eyes, but it was easily the quickest part of the whole process with only a few touch-ups being required after some small mishaps with the brush.

Now that the Witch Aelves are complete I can focus on other aspects of the army.  My first order of business is to finish my three Cauldrons of Blood.  My first cauldron was more of a touchup of my previously painted model, but with the news that the Statue can now be fielded as its own model, I choose to replace the current one on the model.  My old Statue will be based on his own and I can paint up my three cauldron statues with a similar style to keep the army more unified.  With the first one under my belt, I dived directly into the second one and I hope to have them both done by next week if time is on my side.

Keep an eye out on the Warhammer Community site this week as they are teasing a lot of great information about the upcoming Daughters of Khaine release as well as showcasing them on Warhammer TV this week!  Let me know what you have been working on in the comments below.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore