Friday, February 16, 2018

Road to Adepticon 2018 : Part 2

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about my continued effort as I work to finish my Daughters of Khaine for Adepticon 2018.  As of today, we have 34 days until the big event and there is still quite a bit to do in that short amount of time in order for me to be ready.  If you asked me a few months ago I felt really good about being done by now and relaxing with practice games until the event.  Sadly that is not the case and the Adepticon crunch is really beginning to ramp up and I am throwing more and more time at the army to get everything done in time.

Since my last Road to Adepticon Post, we have seen a lot of exciting teasers and previews of the new Daughters of Khaine Battletome.  I find myself in a very lucky position having already committed to the army well ahead of these announcements and I feel a bit ahead of the curve.  That said there has been a lot of people quickly painting preparation for the book so Aelves will be hitting the table in force after the Battledome's release.

I don't believe that the new Battletome will be out before Adepticon and the rumors on its general release timeframe seem to support that line of thought as well.  I actually prefer it to be released after Adepticon as I am certain that I will not have a need to run 120 Witch Aelves after its release due to the new units and models being released and a more balanced force will be the better option.  However, if there is a large Witch Aelf Formation I will not be upset at all.

Thankfully I am moving along nicely with all my Witch Aelves and am down to the final step in their painting.  I tackled the task of painting them all by separating them into units of thirty to give myself small manageable chunks when looking at the army as a whole.  I took a single color and would do that color on each unit of thirty before moving on to the next.  It made a nice assembly line style of painting that really meshes well with how I approach armies.  

The last step for these units is the eyes and the longer I thought about the idea of painting 240 eyes the more I didn't want to do it, but it would also no sit well with me to leave the models unfinished in that way.  In order to give them a proper level of completion while simplifying the task, I am planning on giving them all warpaint on their face with white yes across the army.  It should make the process smooth and quick and give a nice effect and allow me to go back to add more to the eyes later if I feel the need and have the energy.

I am hoping to wrap up the Witch Aelves in the next few days allowing me to dive into three Cauldrons of Blood, Bloodwrack Medusa, and Death Hag on Foot.  I painted one previously, but I plan to touch it up and keep it uniform with my two new Cauldrons.  I am also very pleased with my nod to The End Times with my Cauldron representing my General.  I managed to find bits online to create a Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine statue instead of the standard Khaine Statue that comes with the kit.  I am really excited to get paint on this model to see how it looks as an end result.

My last bit of major work in preparing for Adepticon was getting my foam sorted to transport my army.  Since they are all metal models I wanted to ensure they were well protected and not rubbing against each other in any way.  Last year at Adepticon I fell in love with the Battlefoam product, but after my first order, I was unimpressed with their shipping times and worried the foam would arrive late.  Thankfully my local shop had some Battlefoam Large trays which are double the size of the Battlefoam Small trays that fit in my bag.  After some knife work and hot glue, I managed to have enough trays for the entire army.

I plan to pick up more Battlefoam while at Adepticon directly from as they typically have a booth at the event. I wish to be clear that in no way do I dislike the product, but I choose to not risk having my foam arrive after the convention as it did for me at Nova last year so a little bit of handy work and I am good to go.

My last big part of the project is to create my display board and I have a few ideas drawn out but haven't committed to one as of yet.  In the coming weeks though I will have to pick one and start the project.  I can typically knock out a nice display board in about a week, but I would like to go a bit bigger then I have previously so my plan is to finish the army by the end of February and dedicate all my energy toward the display board leading up to Adepticon.

After all the prep work is done all that is left is a nice 8.5 hr drive with my friend Sean to the event.  Last year I almost went insane driving through Indiana, but I am mentally preparing myself for the lack of mountains and interesting things to look well ahead of time as well as loading up on Podcasts and music to get through the trip.  Let me know if you are coming to Adepticon and how your preparation is going.

Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore