Friday, March 30, 2018

Post Adepticon 2018 Impressions

Hey Everyone! Last week at this time Adepticon was in full swing and what a great adventure it was this year!  I got to hang out and catch up with friends from last year and meet plenty of new folks as well.  All I can say is four days is just not enough and I am planning on hitting up more events so I can see all these great people more than once a year.  The biggest challenge will be getting myself across the water to visit that fantastic gentleman who invaded from the U.K. this year.  This post will be a lot of pictures and a lot of names of great people in a general overview of my time this year.  If you are looking for in-depth coverage of how my games went you will have to wait until next week.  If I missed mentioning anyone I apologize as it is the people and this community that really make these events so great!

My Adepticon 2018 started off with a nine-hour drive with my good friend Sean with other members of my local club, Cole, and Jacob, driving a bit behind us.  We had left early in the morning and made it to our hotel a bit after midday.  After a quick refresh, we got out badges, visited the dealer's room before I headed over to help Paul run his Age of Sigmar Narrative event, The Gibbering Dome.  As we waited for the players to show up I started seeing some of the great people I befriended last year Alex, David G., and Austin who introduced me to the talented Em.  It was a fantastic event that Paul ran well and I even got to see some friends I made at NOVA Open this past year as well!  The event ran all four hours and the players looked eager to do more so I am hoping Paul will continue the event next year!

Friday rolled around and I met up with Mike, who I knew through Twitter as we teamed up with my Khorne and his beautifully painted Skaven army in the Team Doubles event.  This is really where the fun began to ramp up.  I was able to catch up a bit with Brad, Andrea, David W., Domus, Tom, Vince, Neil, Garrett, Mike B., Miles, Joe K., Dan B.Kelly, Martin O., and Tyler while also getting to meet great people such as Adam T.Mitzy, Jimbo, Russ, Eric, James, Scott R., Ministomp, Scott F., Andrew, Elric, Martin M., and the great Kari Ann.  As I said this post is a lot of pictures and a list of all the great people who made my event so great so hang on!

After three amazing games in the team event, the day wrapped up with a throwdown between Mitzy and Eric in a 2000pt matched play game.  It sounds odd to think about, but watching a game of Age of Sigmar was one of the best ways to relax after playing Age of Sigmar all day.  It was indeed a long day as the team even lasted thirteen hours, while it is a grind quite a few teams needed the longer rounds to coordinate their battle plans.

After Friday wrapped up it was on to the GT Saturday morning.  I was lucky enough to meet a few more great people in Steve, Byron, as well as others.  I had three great games with day and even managed to make my way on to Table 1 for round 2 and meet Cody and his family while having a great game with him!  I had my Daughters of Khaine out in force and I was very happy with how they played.  My wins were swift and my losses always down to the last round or two as they made my opponents fight tooth and nail to claim a victory over Morathi and my Witch Aelves.

Saturday night I was invited by Pete F. to attend the second meeting between Games Workshop and some of the U.S. AoS Community leaders.  The meeting was very constructive and I was very happy to be included.  It is so great to have Games Workshop reaching out through continued efforts to the community so we can grow this great game together.  Post meeting a large group of us ended up in the lounge as we chatted and shared a few drinks well into the night with everyone having high hopes for the next day's games.

Sunday began as any other day expect a lot of people were a bit more sleep deprived due to the previous night's fun.  Two more great games were played and I was able to say hello to Les, Terry, Wayne, and Dan H. during breaks between games.  After the awards were given to the winners and a round of applause were given to Alex, Kari Ann, and their team for running yet another great event everyone ventured out for dinner.  A large group of us made it to a great Burger Joint called Kuma's Corner and after rounds of drink and meeting a few more people like Paul M., we ate our food and headed back to the hotel's lounge for some more fun.  After a few more hours of hanging out, and making fun of the fact that ESPN was treating Corn Hole as a professional sport, I said my goodbyes and headed to bed as I had another nine-hour drive the following day.

With my second Adepticon wrapped up, I can safely say that I am happy I have made this a must-attend event for myself each year.  The games are great, the atmosphere is second to none, and best of all are the people.  As mentioned above I met so many wonderful people and was able to see some good friends I met last year.  Only seeing these folks once or twice a year isn't enough and while I got to hang out with a lot of them a few I only saw briefly so I am working to attend even more events next year as well as travel over to the U.K. to play in an event and visit Warhammer World.  I am happy to say my wife has agreed to an adventure to the U.K. in 2019 for some Warhammer and catching up with friends.

I cannot say enough that if you play Warhammer Age of Sigmar you need to attend this event.  It is one of the best events in the U.S. and if you join the Twitter community you are going to feel like everyone you meet is family long before you even meet face to face.  There was so much Age of Sigmar, incredible Hobby, delicious food, and exceptional people that it is hard to come back to reality.  While this post was more about all the fun and great people from the event next week you can expect detailed coverage of all the events I played in and how my Witch Aelf horde performed.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck M.