Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 4-4-18

Hey Everyone! The Aelf fever has fully gripped me after Adepticon and I pushed to finally get appreciable progress on my Great Aelven Rebasing Project.  It didn't take long to get pretty much everything on to a round or oval base and while the project has spanned a few months the bulk of the work has only been a few hours at most.  The last push was one of the longest as it was moving the cavalry to their new bases.  I am far from finished as being glued to the new bases was only phase one.  There is plenty of Aleves to come in my future and getting this project wrapped up has been high on my priority.

In regards to rebasing my Calvary and a few of my Griffins I simply sheared away some of the current bases and glued what was left to the new oval bases.  It was simpler than trying to cut the models at the hooves and legs as I can only imagine the difficulty that could cause.  While this was a simple solution it does require I take a bit of cork and build up around the old square bases to make them look a bit more natural before I add any flock, sand, or crackle paint.  While I am calling this phase complete I am still waiting for one more order of oval bases to arrive for my mounted heroes I neglected to include in my original order.  They are due in early next week and I can get them changed over quickly.

My intent for this project now is to finish the basing as I intend to use the models as opposed to a mass flocking party which could allow me to knock these out in a weekend.  My reasoning is due to not knowing what Games Workshop has planned for future Aelf releases.  These past few months they have proven that they can revamp an older and smaller Aelf faction or create an entirely brand new Aelf faction.  I am excited by the prospect for both and as such, I feel finishing the bases as needed is the best course of action.

With my old fantasy Aelves sorted I can go back to my new and shiny Aelves.  I plan to build my recently acquired Khinerai and Melusai kits soon and get them painted up.  While I lean heavily on wanting to make these kits their more shooty versions I plan to make one of each variant per kit so I can officially have one of each unit in the army and I can grow from there.  Since I run the Witch Aelf horde I don't have a pressing need to go all in on one version of these kits or another just yet.  Before I can dive into these kits I need to finish painting up my last unit of Sisters of Slaughter.  Thankfully, they only require a few more hours to finish up giving me a solid unit of twenty or more likely two units of ten.

While I still have a bit more to go on the Daughters of Khaine, I did manage to finish up my last Bloodwrack Medusa giving me two on foot (tail?) and one riding the cauldron.  While I took a prayer heavy list to Adepticon I am looking forward to running a magic heavy list in the future to mix things up a bit and see which style I prefer for any future events I will be attending.  I am still loving this army and don't see myself stopping any time soon.  While I will pick up Idoneth as they are released I am planning a very big push toward a better quality paint job on them so don't expect me to push out an army of them as quickly as I often do, but you can expect to see slow progress over the coming months regarding that force.

Outside of painting armies and moving older ones to rounds I have a few small painting projects planned for the near future that I am excited to begin.  While I feel very much as home painting vast quantities of models in a single sitting I have never taken to producing a true piece of art in the form of a bust, diorama, or even just a highly painted model.  These future one off projects will hopefully begin to correct this and help me grow more as a hobbyist.  Be sure to come back Friday as I run through both the Team Doubles and Grand Tournament from Adepticon this year discussing how the games went and what my Daughters faced and how the games both wins and losses has only reaffirmed how great the Witch Aelf horde can be in battle.  Until then, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore