Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 5-23-18

Hey Everyone!  The hints and teasers of the upcoming AoS 2.0 are coming hot and heavy.  While we are starting to see much more of how each phase will play in the coming edition we still do not have the whole picture.  Don't stress about what could be and don't worry about piecing together every scrap of information into some theory.  Enjoy the previews and get excited about the new edition as there is some great art being released on top of the hints and previews.  June will reveal all and right now we should all be positive and looking ahead as opposed to stressing and worrying.

My local club had our Age of Sigmar day this past weekend and one of my club mates Luis is working toward getting momentum behind Shadespire.  It sadly never took off in our local club, but the game has a very healthy seen near us in Pittsburgh.  Hopefully, we can grow game in our local community and head out to some events in the near future.  Luis held a small intro tournament for us and I was very excited to walk away with the win using my Steelheart's Champions.  I very much enjoy the game and was always a bit sad that the club never really took off with it, but seeing someone champion the game is great and I hope to see the club playing it much more regularly.  After the mini-tournament, we got down to some 1000pt games of Age of Sigmar in preparation for an upcoming AoS Team Event being held by the Rend 4 club over in Ohio in a few weeks.

My painting table continues to see work on my last few units of my Daughters of Khaine army.  My Khinerai has been enjoyable to paint so far and their dynamic poses are really great.  I am basing their wings on my Morathi model to help the army stay uniform while the bodies will very much be in line with my Witch Aelves.  I am excited to see how these turn out and finally take some pictures of the entire army.  I was having a dilemma a bit of a dilemma last week about what to do next as far as projects go.  I had a fair number of people reach out to me as to whether I should go with a new Idoneth Deepkin army and paint it to the highest level I was able, which was my original plan, or stick with my Daughters of Khaine going back over the army to add highlights and details.  I want to thank everyone who reached out with encouragement and help convince me to stick with the Daughters a bit longer.

While I am still planning on having an Idoneth army in my collection in the future, for now, I plan to take the painting level of my daughters up a few notches while playing with some Allied forces to keep the army fresh and varied.  I worked on converting a Soulscryer to be heavily themed to match Daughters of Khaine to start with the plan to add a few Allopexs soon.  I admit I had a love/hate relationship with this model over the past few days, but I am happy with where it is at and plan to paint it up in the coming weeks.

While it is still early I have been letting ideas flow about the Realms At War event happening this October that I will be attending.  I was overthinking my character and their mobile aetherlab I wished to create, but thanks to some fine folks setting my head straight the joy of letting a narrative build naturally has worked its way into a corner of my head.  I am very excited to begin working on what I envision as my part of this event very soon.  I hope your creativity is flowing as well as your paint.  Stay positive, and as always Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore