Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 5-9-18

Hey Everyone! You might have noticed a change to the site banner image today (you may still see a few tweaks here and there on the banner).  Sometime before Adepticon I commissioned the very talented Eric (aka Stonemonk) of the Mortal Realms podcast to create the piece you see.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or simply spend a few moments talking to me will know the piece combines the Morathi and my favorite pop star, Taylor Swift in a fun mashup.  Whether you are rolling your eyes right now at me or not you should consider reaching out to Eric about what he might be able to do for you (as long as he is open for commissions).  You can view some of his other work on his Skirmish Supplement, "Renown or Ruin" or on Warhammer Weekly as he also recently completed their new logo and Chaos representations of both Tom and Vince.


While I made significant progress one night on my Melusai I am sad to say I didn't get to touch them for the remainder of the week despite them only being an hour or so away from completion.  Time has been my enemy in completing these sadly, but I am pushing to get back to them tonight and try to finish them off.  The kits are fantastically fun to build and paint and I am hoping to get them on the table soon and this will allow me to begin painting my Khinerai units.

One of the items taking up my time is completing the GT and Doubles AoS event packs for NOVA Open and they will both (most likely) be out by the end of this month.  While this is later than I originally planned it will still give plenty of time for players attending or thinking about attending time to digest and practice.  I have seen a few events appearing to practice for the event and quite a few clubs seem eager to begin practicing as well.  If you haven't signed up for the event yet there is still room to join in for some Age of Sigmar fun.

I have also been planning for a few upcoming events.  The first being a one-day team event being hosted by The Rend 4 club at the beginning of next month.  The clubs previous event was a lot of fun despite my Khorne army failing masterfully every game.  I have had a few practice games with my 1000pt Witch Aelf list and if they hold up as well as they have it should be a very different set of games this time.  Neil has really taken the club to a new level over the past few months and I hope he begins running two-day events sooner rather than later as the community could support it easily enough I feel.

While October is still far away I have been brainstorming some ideas for Realms at War 2018 I will be attending (as well as planning out hotels, travel etc...).  The pack really gets you to think about the narrative and a few silly lists aside I have been thinking most about my Aetherlab creation.  Seeing what people usually bring I know I will be stretching every Hobby muscle to create mine and I plan to combine a Phoenix and a Cauldron of Blood to make my lab.  I have a few ideas how to do it and thankfully some chats have been very helpful with brainstorming.  I am not looking to rush the project, but I cannot help thinking about until I begin.

I hope your week is full of Hobby as usual and don't forget this weekend is both Warhammer Fest as well as the South Coast GT.  There should be plenty of  Age of Sigmar and Hobby popping up on Twitter as well as the Warhammer Community site.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore

* I know what you are thinking.  "Did he just hint he is going to create content for Youtube and then not mention it at all in his article?".  Well yeah, I did so if you want more of a hint more here you go.  I plan to relase more about it all as it comes together.