Friday, May 11, 2018

Life Lessons and Wargaming: Finding your support

Hey Everyone! Today I wish to add another article to my series "Life Lessons and Wargaming".  The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby.  In today's article, I want to talk about building your support group (outside of your partner if you have one).  The best way to accomplish your goals is to have friends and peers supporting you along the way.  As you work toward your goal you will bear a lot of the burden, but there are always people willing to help you carry the load with supportive words, sage advice, or giving you their honesty so you can course correct along the way.  So how do you go about forming your support group?

In our wargaming hobby, we are very lucky to find so many passionate people we can connect with across the globe.  No matter if you are just jumping into the hobby with your first Start Collecting Box or are a long time veteran with more models than you can begin to count we all share a common interest.  That interest being the hobby as a whole, but within this social circle, we can drill down farther to people who focus on competitive play, telling stories, community interaction, competition painting, and much more.  A lot of people I know in the Age of Sigmar community rarely fall into just one of these groups and more often than not will be a blend of these interests.  No matter your focus on the hobby our community has a great community to form your support group.

In a previous article a while back I spoke about how to connect to the wider Age of Sigmar community through various social media outlets.  There are a lot of friendly people across the world in this hobby to connect with and develop lasting and supportive friendships.  You should also look at your local community as it is very likely you share common goals within this group.  It can be easy to simply show up at your local group to play some games and then not interact for weeks until the next club day, but you will be missing out on getting to know some great people who share your hobby.

In your local group, there will be a variety of personalities who all enjoy the hobby differently, but as you get to know some better you find where your goals align and you can support, encourage, and help one another whether it is improving the local club, improving your painting, or becoming better at list building.  If you are new to the hobby and not really aware of what your goals might be within the hobby a local group of friends can help you realize what to aim for and what you are capable of despite any possible doubts.  Beyond this, you will find lasting friends who will accompany you on your journey down the hobby road and through life that you will see regularly.

While you will always have your local friends it is likely that at some point your hobby goals will diverge or go beyond what your local group might be working toward.  While your local group will be there to support you will have to expand your circle of friends and support in order to continue growing and working toward your new goals.  This is when the global community shines as you will always find people with similar goals and aims as you.

Tha challenge with connecting and developing friendships across the global community is being willing to put yourself out there and be yourself to a world of people you don't know.  If you do though you will find some of the most supportive and friendly people.  You will find yourself conversing daily with groups and individuals who share similar passion and goals as you.  You may not even realize it, but you are developing friendships that will last for years to come.  When you do finally meet those individuals you will meet as old friends even though it is your first face to face interaction.

Being able to use our common interest to connect with people and develop friendships to mutually support each other is essential in accomplishing your goals whether it is within our hobby or any aspect of life.  Knowing that as you grow and get closer to your goals they will change and you will need to reach to a broader group to develop the friendships which will provide you the support you need to continue your path and help others on their paths.  Your friends will be your support who will keep you grounded while they watch you soar and ther eis nothing better then doing the same for them in return.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore