Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-11-18

Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well!  We are fifty days away from this year's NOVA Open and I am happy to announce the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and Team Doubles Event Packs are out!  Go check them out and get some practice in before the big event!  There are still a few tickets left as well if you have been on the fence.  Yesterday I also released my second episode of Strength Hammer over on my YouTube channel.  I have been getting a lot of feedback and I have plans to improve everything from sound to longer content before the next one is due out.  Please check it out and Subscribe to get all my updates.

One of the latest trends that hit the Hobby community was the #MyFirstWarhammer tag where you show your first Warhammer Model painted next to one of your latest pieces.  It is a great way to see how you have progressed over the years and I have been loving everyone's posts on the hashtag.  I actually found it hard to believe it has been five years since I began my Warhammer Journey, but I was happy knowing that my love of Aelves has remained intact through all of this time!

Using those five years of practice I also painted up the Stormcast Sequitor Model for the Chamber Exchange I am doing with Austin.  I treated the model more of a character since he will be joining Austin's chamber, The Emerald Canticle, as a permanent fixture (he will base it in his army's scheme.  I am just as excited to see what he plans to do for the Sequitor he is painting for me to add to my army as well.  It has been a really fun side project and if you are a Stormcast Player I suggest reaching out to someone to do the same and add a bit of fun narrative to your army.

Looking at what else I have on my Hobby table we have some Idoneth Deepkin allies for my Daughters of Khaine, more Witch Aelves (I have a problem), my Realms at War models Aethermyst/Aetherlab, some primed Endless Spells, and a few busts/figures I plan to paint up for Capital Palette at this years NOVA Open.  It is a new venture in the Hobby for me, but hoping to learn a lot by going through the process of competition painting at the novice level.  These will be a priority over the next few weeks in order to meet the deadline fast approaching.

Last, but not least I assembled my new weight bench that was generously given to me by my sister.  With my YouTube channel underway and #StormcastStrong rallying our community to share in their fitness journey alongside our hobby journey I really want to get my home gym together.  It has been motivating and if you watch my videos you will see I have a lot to do in my basement, but I am working with the space I have.  Besides being able to hobby followed by a good lifting session sounds like a dream come true to me!

I hope you all are having a great time with your hobby right now and if you are planning to be at NOVA this year be sure to reach out to me so we can meet up.  Keep working toward your goals be they with your painting or your fitness and until next time Happy Hobbying and stay Stormcast Strong!

Chuck Moore