Friday, July 6, 2018

Coalescence : Desolation of Eristrat Impressions

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend saw the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar and I ran this year's Coalescence event for my club.  The event was one week behind the official date due to some venue conflicts, but having so many people enthused about Age of Sigmar together on release day rolling dice really made for a great day.  I am happy to say that by the end of the day we had eighteen total players battling over the future of the god-beast Eristrat's fate.  I really appreciate everyone who came out as we had people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey together.  We were using the new core rules for the event and everyone picked up the changes without issue making my job as T.O. very easy as I got to enjoy everyone's games and hobby throughout the day.

Once everyone arrived we split ourselves into two teams, Empower versus Banish, to ensure we had players always fighting someone from the opposing team.  The first games began and players got into it quick.  I always enjoy narrative events since it promotes a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.  In the event winning your individual game meant nothing as the event was structured around teams earning achievements per round for scoring as the primary.  Some games ended earlier than others due to some poor army matchups, but everyone was taking it all in fun and having a good time developing their narrative and how their forces would bounce back in the following games.  At the end of the first game, I had the teams tally up their respective Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Scores and give them to me to record.  While both sides tied on the Primary the Banish team took the lead with the Secondary.

Before the second round began we all grabbed some lunch and met up at my friendly local game store, The Toy Soldier Gallery, to draw names for the generous prize support the shop provided.  Everyone who played received a single entry with the ability to earn extra chances with a fully round based and painted army, a custom written narrative, and if they wore a costume.  Once the prizes were handed out and plans for future armies had been set we got back to the games.

The second round went much like the first, very smooth.  Since the Empower aide had lost I had them all shift tables one to the right and allowed the Banish players to select their next opponents as a reward for their current lead.  During this second game, I informed players that they were not playing individual tables, but in fact one long table.  Some of the players got my meaning and soon games began to cross over into one another and support came from out of nowhere for a few players in desperate need.  Once the battle had ended we tallied up the scores and while the two teams remained tied on the Primary the Banish side held on to their lead once again through the Secondary.

With everything to play for I paired players up again using the same method as before having the Empower team shift and allowing Banish to choose their enemy.  The final battle had a rough start due to some confusion with the scenario, but after some streamlining the battles were underway and got bloody very quickly.  At the end I had the team captains come up to me with their scores to see who had won the day, but before that, I had some awards to hand out to the players.

I had four awards for the event, Best Appearance, The Coolest, Loremaster, and Coalescence Champion.  Players voted on The Coalescence Champion, won by Aleks and The Coolest Award won by Martin.  Best Appearance was taken by Martin and Loremaster was won by "Still won't join Twitter Dave" who wrote a great piece about a Slann with memory loss.  Congrats to everyone who won that day for their hard work and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next time!

The awards sorted it was time to reveal which team had won the day.  While Banish has sat comfortably all day with the lead they had allowed Empower to take one more achievement point than them on the final round to take the Primary and also take the win at the very end!  It was a close set of games for both sides and I couldn't have asked for a better group of players to have attended.

After a quick cleanup, we all headed over to share a drink and talk about the day's events.  As expected the conversations quickly drifted toward the new edition and what it would entail for all of our armies and impromptu list ideas for the near future!  I want to thank everyone again who made the trip out and congratulate the winners once more.  It is really the community that makes this game so wonderful and it was on display at the event.  The players are what made the day so joyous and I cannot wait for the next event!  Be sure to check out the armies from the day below and until next time Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

Armies on Parade: