Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update : 7-4-18

Hey Everyone!  Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday Sigmar!  It has been very exciting over the past week with the launch of the new edition and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone building their new armies, playing games, and diving into the changes.  This past week saw a lot of hobby for me, running my Coalescence event, and finishing the event packs for NOVA Open.  The packs should go live on the NOVA website shortly so go check them out and consider joining us on Labor Day weekend as the first National Level U.S. event using the new edition!

I couldn't resist the new toys with the new edition launch and promptly picked up my bundle as soon as I could and went right into everything.  I still have a lot of the lore to digest as I had to deep dive directly into the rule in order to get the NOVA Pack completed in time for printing.  I am very happy to say the event will be using Preselected Realms and Realmscape features for every round and Endless spells will also be used.  There are still a few parts of it all that are a bit off balance, but the majority of it is perfect for matched, open, and narrative play.  The items that are a bit off are easily avoidable as well so there is no need to fear playing with it all.

Also on Saturday, I ran my Coalescence event at my club.  We had a great turnout of 16 players, with an additional two jumping in on the last round!  It was a crazy and fun-filled day and I cannot thank the players who came out and my FLGS for providing support.  Come back Friday where I will cover the entire event.

Recently I and a few others in the Warhammer community have been sharing much more about our fitness journey.  I even started a new YouTube Channel combing my two hobbies as well!  In one of my Tweets, I used the hashtag #StormcastStrong and people really rallied behind it and got on board with reforging themselves into a better, fitter person.  It is great to see and I encourage all of you to do the same and jump on board with the hashtag to join in on Twitter and Instagram!

Even though Realms at War is still months away I want to make sure I am ahead of the game with preparing my Aethermyst and Aetherlab.  My Aetherlab is pretty set, except for a few small details, so I wanted to dive in on my Aethermyst.  I envisioned a sort of Disciple of Khaine style character from the Warhammer MMO Age of Reckoning which is more or less an armored Hag Queen.  I went through my bits bin and was very happy with the result.  I even found a very old Witch Aelf model I was gifted by my friend Paul a while back for when she is ultimately potatofied (check out the event pack for those rules).

Building a single Hero wasn't all I did this past week either as I finally finished up my last Khinerai unit as well.  I didn't have them completed by Saturday as I had hoped, but I still got them done before the week was over and I am very happy with the results.  My Daughters of Khaine now have at least one of every unit so I can really begin experimenting with lists in the new edition.  I also took a few hours to build the Endless Spells from the Malign Sorcery Kit this past weekend as well.  The models are lovely and the only one that gave me trouble was The Purple Sun.  My advice is to skip the Scaffolding if you are gluing it together.  

The last bit of Hobby I accomplished was something a bit more fun and relaxed.  My friend Austin and I are both fans of Stormcast and we both agreed to "loan" a member of our chamber to each other.  We are each converting and painting one of the new Sacrosanct models in our custom Chamers colors and trading them off to be based and part of each other's armies.  It is a fun idea and I cannot wait to see what he has planned as well.

I hope you are having a great time with the new edition and all the fun it brings!  There is a lot to do and take in, but it is only making the game even better.  Let me know what you are working on in the comments below and until next time, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore