Friday, August 17, 2018

Matt's Army Surprise : Da NOVA Boyz!

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to give a big shout out to my good friend Matt who you may recognize from regular appearances in my blog.  Matt is my most regular companion for Games and Hobby.  If you are coming to NOVA Open you will see Matt as he is helping me at the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and Team Doubles event (making sure I remember to eat and all that).  Matt and I also have a big day planned in the coming days to paint up the new Games Workshop Terrain for the event as well!  While I was working away on event packs, answering rules questions, and general preparation he decided to surprise everyone by starting a new army to play as the ringer.  It was unexpected and really put Matt outside his comfort zone and I want to give him big props to his work on his new Ironjaws Force, Da NOVA Boyz!

Matt tried to keep the army under wraps for a big reveal at the event, but his excitement got the better of him it seems and he let me and a few others in on his surprise project.  Matt is a great painter but by his own admission, his meticulous attention to detail causes him to put out completed models slowly.  Knowing that fact about Matt no one in our local club expected him to pick up a new army and begin painting it up with a two-month timeframe.  Undeterred Matt is doing just that and after some color palette tests to theme an army around the NOVA colors he got to work.  He is still working to complete the army, but he is very much on time to have it ready to go.

While I didn't interview Matt for this article I did prod him (secretly) for some info to find the reason he decided to put himself in a self-imposed Hobby Crunch.  Matt is a Duardin player first and foremost a Kharadron Overlords player.  After the changes in the second edition, he was dishearted to play them despite being very energetic to play more Age fo Sigmar.  He had found himself in a bit of a Limbo with no passion to play and paint anything he currently had but hadn't found an army to put his focus on for the time being.

The one aspect he really loved about his Kharadron Overlords was they would interrupt an opponents game.  This was the aspect he knew he enjoyed so finding an army that had a similar aspect to it would be ideal even if it was done a bit different.  There are a few armies that he had in mind, but it was after him and I played at the Rend 4 Team Tournament a few months back that he unknowingly got hooked on Ironjaw's.

I cannot say I blame him for choosing Ironjaw's for a fun army.  Everyone can attest that if you play them with the right mindset that you will have a great game with your opponent no matter who wins or loses.  That mindset is screaming WAAAAGH and running at your enemy for good scrap!  I would challenge anyone not to enjoy playing with or against that type of strategy being used.  I have been tempted myself to play this army, but sadly never pulled the trigger personally, but I am excited to see these on the table against me in the future.

It has been enjoyable watching Matt paint nonstop as he completed unit after unit in such a short time frame.  Painting in this style is comfortable for me, but not so much for Matt and I commend him for diving into the deep end of the pool with this project.  Not to mention he is doing it all in case he needs to be a ringer in the events.  Not many people would put themselves so far outside their comfort zone to possibly play the army int he event as a ringer.

If you are attending NOVA and playing in the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament or Team Doubles and you are having a rough go there is a chance you play Matt and Da NOVA Boyz!  If you do I have no doubt you will have a great time and an enjoyable game.  If you see my good friend at a table with some bright Orange Ironjaws be sure to give him a pat on the back and hand him some Ironbrew for completing the army so quickly.  I will be sure to take some pictures of the army once it's completed to share in a future post.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore