Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Hobby Table : 9-26-18

Only 26 days until my wife and I head to London to visit an exciting new place, visit friends, and play some Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  When we pulled the trigger and planned the trip so long ago we kept out excitement tempered, but now that we are within a month it is hard to hide our enthusiasm for the fun vacation that is almost here.  While over there visiting I will be playing in the Realms at War Event as well as a trip to Warhammer World so you can expect coverage of the event as well as our travels.  Until then it will be all about preparing for the trip and event.

While I could have had all my painting for Realms at War completed a month ago I chose to do the opposite and let me Hobby bounce all over the place, but with the event fast approaching my Aethermyst, "Potato", and Aetherlab are getting knocked out and will likely be done by next week.  I choose to start with my "Potato" form model first just to get the brush flowing a bit.  I will go back and add some highlights to it, but it is tabletop ready and I really wanted to get color on my Aethermyst proper which is a kitbash using bits from five or six different kits.  She was built to resemble a Disciple of Khaine from the old Warhammer Age of Reckoning MMO and I am very happy with the kitbash and I plan to use her as a Slaughter Queen in normal games in the future.  I have also been getting messy writing up her Journal and if you have never painted with Blood for the Blood god I suggest you give it a go.

One of the other big decisions is what models to bring to the 1500pt cap.  I am trying to balance the idea of bringing a fun and capable list, easy to travel with on an airplane, and fits the narrative I am crafting for the event.  Below is my first list idea that meets all these criteria, but I am continuing to tweak the list as different ideas strike me.  I would love to bring over my Witch Horde because it is the army I love the most, but while it would be easy to travel with it would not fit the theme of the event and honestly, it would be shoehorned into a weak narrative.  

While my Witch Horde won't be coming across the pond with me I can assure you it continues to grow.  I recently found the final ten Witch Aelves I have been hunting to fill out another unit of thirty bringing my total to 150 at this current time.  I plan to begin painting them once I return from England and get them on the table for the upcoming Rend 4 two-day event in December.  It will unlikely win, but it will be fun and I am compelled to do it at least once.

I hope your projects are coming along nicely and your paint is flowing.  See you Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore