Friday, September 28, 2018

The Road to Realms at War 2018

Hey Everyone!  As you know, because I keep talking about it, Realms at War is fast approaching and I am happy to be attending on my first trip over to England.  You are probably also aware that my hobby as of late has been very relaxed and a bit all over the place.  It has been nice to just let my hobby move to whatever my mood decides, but with only a month left I began dedicating time to get my Aethermyst, Aetherlab, and Potato completed.  I am happily on my way, but as I painted up those few models I felt my drive kicking into a higher gear and I am now fully focused on the upcoming event and I am putting my full effort into preparing for the big show!

I threw out a proposed list earlier this week about what I was thinking about taking over to the event.  I was originally focusing on taking a small center of Witch Aelves and then bringing units I rarely use.  This sounded like fun in theory and I was crafting my narrative around this fact, but the more I thought about it I realized I didn't want my list to get in the way of my time at the event.  My typical Daughters of Khaine armies are all about Witch Aelf hordes and Prayers instead of going for Spells and smaller more elite units.  While taking a Spell focused list I don't typically use would be fun I can easily see myself fumbling through my Battletome and not giving my opponent my full attention.  I have since restyled my list to fit my usual Prayer focused build which I know well enough that it is second nature at this point.

If you are attending an event the first thing you should do is take a look at the pack and I did just that when the pack was released, but I didn't dive deep into it at first, specifically the scoring.  I am really wanting to do well at the event and more importantly represent the U.S. Community to my fullest ability while I am there having a great time.  

The style of the event means that winning your games means very little to your overall score so I am not focusing on it.  Admittedly, I need to do a bit of work for Pageantry by adding more highlights to my models.  My army has a nice theme in Blood and Prayers and has a few conversions as well, but I want to max paint and spending a bit more time on the models will help me with that goal.  As it is the biggest percentage of the overall score I am spending a lot of time on my Narrative.  I am planning a costume and continuing to work on my army story and make sure everything is presented in a fun and unique fashion.

In order to give a good presentation of my army, I began making my Warscroll cards for my Aethermyst, Aetherlab, and Potato.  They weren't hard to make as long as your familiar with or Photoshop and I am very happy with how the simple bit of work ended up looking.  I plan to make my army list and narrative printouts look just as sharp and will be working on them in the coming days.

My Aethermyst and Potato are complete which leaves my Aetherlab left to paint up and it is looking like this weekend will see the model go from primed to completed.  I save it for last as it is really the centerpiece of the army and I want to give it my all to make the model stand out and still fit the colors of my overall army.  It has been a while since I painted a big monster and I am really looking forward to getting to work on it.

With the plans in place to create my costume, add highlights to my army, and continue to craft my narrative and army presentation I have made the choice to temporarily shelve all other projects until I am back in the states after the trip.  I was really looking forward to getting to work on some of these projects after my Aetherlab was done, but to achieve my goal I need to focus entirely on it and my Daughters of Khaine.  It is likely that I even forgo participating in this year's Armies on Parade to give myself as much time as possible.  I am still going to try to participate, but as of right now it is a secondary priority compared to RAW18.

Expect to see some focused hobby from me in the coming weeks and as always Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore