Monday, October 1, 2018

Community All-gates : 10-1-18

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community.  It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye.  This past weekend was the Sydney Grand Tournament down in Australia run by the one and only AoS Coach Anthony Margo.  Anthony really put in a lot of fo work to ensure the event was an astounding success from a plethora of prizes to endless hours of terrain painting.  Go check out his Twitter to see all the details.

As I said above Anthony put in a lot of work for his players, but he also put in a lot of work the community as well by breaking down army lists and various statistics for us to explore before and during the event.  One of the coolest was his publishing of everyone's list into one complete document.

I really enjoyed a lot of what Anthony did and I expect the event to only go from strength to strength in the coming years and I am looking at borrowing a few of these ideas for next years NOVA Open as well.  Congrats to all the players and to Anthony for a well run and fantastic looking event.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore