Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Hobby Table : 10-3-18

Hey Everyone!  While we have sightings of Slaanesh and Orktober is kicking into high gear I am staying committed to my path of preparing for Realms at War first and foremost.  It's been a challenge to not begin painting my Daemonettes if I am honest, but I am holding strong (for now)!  Over the past week, I have finished painting my Aethermyst and Aetherlab, Finalized my lists, and got a practice game in.  The only things left on my plate are writing a bit of lore and getting my costume together which should hopefully go smoothly in the coming weeks.

I had been keen to get a test game in with my 1500 point list I am taking over to England to refresh myself of the army rules and flow and thankfully I was able to do just that down at one of my FLGS's.  I matched them up against a very shooty Free People list and proceeded to be taken off pretty quickly, but the game was fun and it did give me the refresher I was needing.  I did change a small portion of my list to swap out a unit of Blood Sisters for some Sister of Slaughter to give myself some more options with their 6" pile-in ability.

After I made the final small tweak to my lists I decided to pretty them up to look their best for the event.  Pageantry is a part of your overall score so I wanted to make sure I was doing as much as possible to present everything nicely.  I am very happy with how it turned out and it didn't take all that long to complete.  I want to give Tony who made Warscroll builder a big thanks for including the 'copy' function as part of the incredible tool.

As mentioned above I finish my Aethermyst proper and her Aetherlab this past week as well.  I really enjoyed painting up these kitbashed pieces and I have already figured out how to incorporate them as regular models in my force once Realms at War is at an end.  The Aethermyst will make a perfect Slaughter Queen and my Aetherlab will count as a Hag Queen on Cauldron and I will be putting a spare Hag Queen model on it here soon.  If the mood strikes, I will also use the Aetherlab as a Hydra ally from time to time as well.

Everything is really coming together quickly and I am confident I will be ready for the event without having to rush at the last moment.  While there is still twenty-four days until the event I have much less time as I am flying over to England the week prior so everything needs to be ready in the next few weeks, but I am committed to seeing it done!  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore