Friday, September 21, 2018

The Realm Gate Blog : CHANGE INBOUND

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk a bit about my plans for the future of the blog and some of my goals going forward.  It has been a fulfilling journey so far with the blog and it is always fun to look back at my first posts and see how everything evolved over time.  I have no intentions of stopping the blog, but I have become comfortable with the routine and I am not one to sit around being comfortable and prefer to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and constantly pushing myself.  Some changes might seem small and you won't even notice them that much, but I have a few ideas I am considering for more drastic changes, specifically bringing the blog more in line with my Strength Hammer YouTube Channel and website.

For the past three years, I have kept the blog ad-free in order to not clutter up your page when you come to read one of my articles.  I am wanting to travel to more events in the coming year and since Games Workshop doesn't show signs of stopping their rapid release schedule I see myself continuing to expand my armies and collect new ones.  While there are ways to be frugal in our hobby everything still comes at a cost and by opening the blog for the ads I hope to begin supplementing my hobby budget a bit more everything continues to grow.

I am also beginning to look to do sponsored content (If you are interested in sponsoring some content please reach to me on Social Media or email).  Don't worry as I have no intention of talking about any model line or game system that isn't Age of Sigmar (and the occasional 40k and Middle Earth).  However, there are a lot of companies out there who offer gaming aids, army transport solutions, and sellers of Warhammer models that may in the future sponsor some content or event have an ad on the blog.  I will stay true to myself and the scope of my blog so while you might see sponsors appearing in some content my promise to you all is that you will not be bombarded with it in any way.

With the prospect of sponsors comes the likely bit of content you have never really seen from me, Reviews.  There are so many great content creators out there already doing reviews so I didn't have the urge to add my voice to it all, but the one item I am constantly getting asked to do by readers is to review new products and releases.  I am much more open to the idea with the requests and while I am unsure how I will do it exactly I can safely say that reviews will be coming to my content in the near future.

While the list of items above would most likely not have been noticed there is one big change that is very likely to come before the end of the year.  The Realm Gate Blog will officially be incorporated as part of Strength Hammer.  I have kept my weekly blog and my, still young, YouTube channel separate, but I have really fallen in love with sharing not just my Wargaming hobby with you all, but also my fitness journey and seeing people who have rallied behind #StormcastStrong on Twitter and Instagram has been very motivating.  It is possible, but not finalized, that the blog name might change in the future.  You will see more of a mix of Wellness, Fitness, and Wargaming amongst my posts as these changes take place.  I am also at looking to bring the blog under the fold of my website ( as well in order to give you a single place to see all my content and hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

I cannot say how fast these changes will happen, but I hope to use my content as a way to help supplement my hobby budget so I can continue to bring you more of the content you want like event coverage, army painting, reviews, and some simple entertainment to make you smile.  You might see some adjustments to my scheduling, but don't worry as you will ultimately be getting more content and not less.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore