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Teclis : Wisdom of The Light

Teclis, brother of Tyrion, High Loremaster of Hoeth, descendent of Aenarion, Warden of The White Tower, and recently God of Light.  Teclis has been a divisive character over his long history, but without question, he is one of the most important beings who shaped many major events in The World That Was.  There is no doubt as we venture more into Hysh we will see Teclis playing a major part in The Mortal Realms as well.  His story is always closely connected to his brother Tyrion and even during The End Times when Teclis followed his own Agenda and had to oppose his kin but his loyalty and love remained.  Teclis always played the long game that most could not or choose not to see and this more than anything else would make others see him as distant and cold.  This would make Teclis a lonely figure as we examine his past and who he was in The World That Was.  He was burdened with destiny and gifted with hope and without Teclis the lore we all love would never have happened.

Teclis and his twin Tyrion were born to Prince Arathion, and Princess Alysia.  Their mother died during childbirth, but it would be a servant of their father by the name of Thornberry who would take a primary role in raising and caring for the boys.  Prince Arathion did love his children and Teclis, when he was well enough, would help his father with his obsession.  Arathion was consumed with the task of restoring The Armour of Aenarion to its full glory, the Armour was a family heirloom as they were of the line Morelion, the first son of Aenarion.  Arathion sold more and more of their fortune off in order to complete the project.  Due to their poor financial situation, and in part because they were ancestors of Aenrarion Teclis and his brother lived in the backcountry of Ulthuan in a small villa.

Tyrion was strong and spry, even for an elf while Teclis was weak and often bedridden for long lengths of time.  Teclis would often read as his brother adventured around their small home, but the pair were close and learned how to complement one another from a very young age and how to depend on one another.  They were very much linked and more than a few times Tyrion would awake and feel as if he was drowning knowing immediately that Teclis's ailment was causing him stress and he would rush to his aid.  Their bond was strong and even as their paths diverged the love remained and it was clear both were destined for greatness.

Being heirs of Aenarion and inheritors of the Curse of Aenarion the boys were taken away to be presented before the Phoenix King when they came of age to determine their fates.  It was the first time leaving their small villa and despite any lack of love for the place, they felt saddened to be leaving their home, their father, and the people who raised them.  Teclis, still very frail, hated every minute of the trip as it was either bumpy roads or nasty seasickness as they traveled to their Aunts home in Lothern.  During the trip, Teclis would show jealousy of his brother's ability to adapt and handle every part of the voyage without any issue.  However, his jealousy was not reserved solely for his brother, but for all the elves who, from his perspective, took their ability to be normal for granted.

They were escorted by a White Lion by the name of Korehien who would serve as a key figure for Tyrion.  It would be their aunt, Lady Malene, who would become the role model and saving grace for Teclis.  Lady Melene was the sister of their mother and a High Mage of significant influence being that their house, House Emeraldsea, was one of the strongest in Lothern.  It was Lord Emeraldsea who had worked to put Finubar on the seat of Pheonix king and gave the house a valuable ally.

Teclis cared little for learning how to handle a weapon or the intrigues of court.  While Tyrion was a natural fighter and learned, through many failures, how to interact with high society Teclis openly dismissed the thought of duels and how to participate the courtly dance.  Teclis began to devote his energy to anything is Aunt would teach him in the art of Magic and Alchemy.  She taught him to craft potions to relieve the burden of his sickness to great effect and quickly picked up on spells and incantations.  It became clear that he was as natural with magic and Tyrion was with a blade as Teclis could see the winds of magic as others could see words on a page.  Teclis would learn, however, that magic was very dangerous as on one occasion where he used a "borrowed" scroll to effortlessly cast a spell that had taken many mages years of practice to attempt.  Teclis did not know to protect himself and while no harm came to him he became aware of the presence of "beings" connected to the winds of magic.

After the Teclis and Tyrion were eventually presented before the Phoenix King they headed off to the shrine of Asyuran to go through a final ritual to verify the strength of the Curse in their blood.  They would either pass or they would be killed.  It was also during this time when the Keeper of Secrets N'kari, who was vanquished by Aenarion during the creation of The Great Vortex, was roaming Ulthuan.  N'kari had been swept up in the spell and Millenniannia remained hidden in the vortex, careful to not draw the eye of Caledor until they could break free of the vortex.  The Daemon hunted for the blood of Aenarion and ultimately came after Teclis and his brother.  N'kari and their daemon army attacked the Shrine itself and left the twins locked in the shrine of Asuryan.  N'kari would break into the shrine and attack the twins in the room where the Flame of Asuryan lived.

Tyrion, using a simple sword, could do not significant harm to the creature, but Teclis' spells could hurt the beast, but not quickly enough.  Teclis told Tyrion to hold N'kari's attention as he reached out into the Flam of Asuryan itself.  Teclis nearly died exerting his spirit into the realm of the gods, but Asuryan reached back and granted Teclis a direct line to his power.  Teclis used this power to enhance himself and his brother to defeat N'kari.  Teclis touched a god this day and would forever be changed for it.

Teclis went on to study at the White Tower of Hoeth to become a Loremaster while taking time away to share adventures with Tyrion across The Old World to find treasures like Sunfang lost in the Jungles of Lustria.  Teclis would learn how to craft his magic sword using magic to make it light enough for his weaker body to use to great effect.  Teclis would befriend the current High Loremaster of The Tower and come into contact with his iconic helm, The War Crown of Saphery.  When Teclis laid his eyes on the helm he immediately knew it was meant for him and he would be gifted the helm by the High Loremaster as he set off to save his brother and The newly crowned Everqueen, Alarielle when the Dark Elves invaded.  Malekith (now Malerion) and his mother Morathi used an army of Chaos to soften up and distract the Asur.  As the High Elves reacted to his Malekith used the now bound N'kari to transport his army directly to the heart of Averlorn.  Teclis, through magic and his connection to Tyrion, went off to save them both from certain doom.  Teclis arrived on the scene as N'kari, sent by Malekith, descended on Tyrion and Alairelle in Triumph.  In an instant Teclis banished the Daemon back to the realm of Chaos.

After Teclis saved the pair they grouped up with the last remaining army of the Asur in a final battle for the fate of Ulthuan.  Teclis and his brother would reunite with their father who gifted Tyrion the now restored Armour of Aenarion while Alarielle would gift him his iconic staff of Lileath which, much like his helm, knew it was to be used by him the moment he held it in his hands.  The armies clashed on the Finuval Plain, but it was the magical duel between Malektih and Teclis that would ultimately decide the day.  Teclis, having once made contact to Asuryan himself had seen the magical flow of his power and his Flame.  Malekith was almost destroyed when he walked into the Flame of Asuryan when he tried to take the crown for himself and he only lived through the power of his armor to calm the flame.  Teclis used his knowledge to reawaken the Flame within Malektih, burning him from the inside.  Malekith panicked and fled back to Naggaroth through sorcery leaving his army alone to die at the hands of the High Elves swords and Teclis' magic.

Shortly after the battle Teclis took a ship to assist the beleaguered Empire of Men as Tyrion set off to purge any remaining Dark Elves and Chaos worshipers from Ulthuan.  The Empire was beset by Chaos and Teclis set off to help them in their war as the races were on friendly terms.  Teclis found himself in the court of Magnus the Pious, future Emperor, and he listened to Teclis's counsel as his sorcery and advice proved invaluable in battle after battle.  In order to help The Empire win and stand against Chaos Teclis taught those capable how to cast some basic battle spells.  Once The Empire of Man has defeated its enemy Magnus pleaded for Teclis to teach them all they knew of the winds of magic.  Some elves resisted this idea, but in the first instance of Teclis playing the long game he taught the first humans magic as the survival of humans would create an indispensable shield between Ulthuan and the hordes of Chaos in the north as they grew into their power.

Teclis would return to Ulthuan years later and reunite with his brother who was now the Champion of The Everqueen and Defender of Ulthuan.  The meeting was a sad one as the purpose was for the funeral rites of their Father.  Teclis thought o return to the Empire of Man, but the previous High Loremaster of the White Tower had chosen to step down in order for the council of the tower offered the title to Teclis.  Teclis could not refuse this honor and would spend many years learning every secret he could from his unlimited access to the tower and would venture to every corner of The World That Was discovering portents and prophecies and learning to understand the races of that inhabited the world.

Many years passed as Teclis continued to grow in power, but his real test was about to begin as The End Times began and The Old World burned.  Teclis assisted Tyrion in an attempt to save the child of Alarielle and The Pheonix King Finubar from Mannfred Von Carstein who kidnapped her while she served as an Ambassador to the Dwarfs.  The brother and their army along with High King Throgrim and his throng attempted to save her, but they would fail at the last possible moment.  Teclis watched as his brother raged at the failure and Mannfred would escape with a magical spell with The Everchild.  Teclis realized that Tyrion was the true father of The Everchild and not the Phoenix King as tradition dictated.  Teclis would convince Tyrion to not pursue personally as the fate of the Everchild was key to winning the long game he was playing.

Teclis and his brother would return to Ulthuan as Daemons began rampaging across their homeland and the pair set off to purge the land.  Tyrion led his armies while Teclis did what he did best and returned to the White Tower to find a way to purge his homeland once and for all of the Chaos taint.  N'kari would make yet another return in another attempt to end the brothers, but Teclis found a spell that could banish the Daemons across the island in tomes written by Caledor Dragontamer himself.  Working out how to cast the spell he reunited with his brother to accomplish his goal.

N'kari had raised an army of Daemons in numbers not seen since the time of Aenarion and in a grand battle at Moonspire temple Tyrion killed N'kari's corporal form and Teclis, using the daemons head as part of the spell he had discovered, used the power of Lileath contained within the temple to banish the daemons from the island once and for all.    

While the High Elves seemed stronger than ever it was not to last as the march of The End Times moved forward.  Alliances would be broke and truths would be revealed that would see heroes changing sides as they rose and fell.  Teclis saw the truth above all others.  Rhana Dandra, the last war of the elves and end of the world, was approaching.  Might heroes were, in fact, the reincarnations of the Elven gods who walked the earth and the cycle of their gods rise and fall was repeating.  The Elves were the center of the cycle of history, but Teclis saw a chance to break the cycle once and for all.

Teclis knew his role and would meet in secret with Malektih as well as Prince Imrik and reveal this truth to them.  The grand drama of the Elven gods was playing out and they all had their roles to play.  As Teclis watched the events unfold and the players take their position as incarnates of the old Elven gods he planned out his moves to change the cycle and end it forever.

Teclis watched his brother fall into fury and rage and in a tense meeting, he let Tyrion vent his fury on his frail body.  Tyrion beat his brother as he accused him of supporting Malekith, and working with Imrik who had betrayed his people at Eagles Gate to let the Dark Elves gain a foothold on Ulthuan, and helping Malektih slay The Phoenix King Finubar.  Worst of all he accused Teclis of letting his daughter die to which Teclis remorsefully replied " I am sorry..." admitting his guilt in the fact.  The Everchild carried the curse and that fact prevent the great Necromancer Nagash from gaining the godhood he sought.  She was sacrificed in the summoning with the belief she carried the powers of the future Everqueen and Teclis knew this and let her die.

Teclis accepted his brother's fury but escaped before Tyrion could deliver a final stroke to kill Teclis in his rage.  Even though he endured a sound beating by his brother he never attacked despite his ability to cast any number of spells to reverse his position.  The curse of Aenarion has claimed Tyrion's soul, but not Teclis.  Teclis loved his brother and carried the burden of what he was doing, but he knew that he needed to follow through on his long game for there to be any hope for his people and the world.

Tyrion went on to draw Khaines sword, The Widowmaker, damning him forever and at last taking up his role as the incarnate of Khaine.  A great battle had been fought between Malektih's forces and Tyrion's and it was upon the alter the two fought with Tyrin proving the victor.  Teclis was there as Tyrion drew the sword pleading him to not give in even as he knew Tyrion was destined to draw the blade.  Before Tyrion could strike the final blow on Malektih with The Widowmaker Teclis wove a spell of protection pushing the blade aside.  Other elf heroes would choose their sides at this moment.  Caradryan, Captian of the Phoenix Guard, stood to defend Malektih while Alith Anar, The Shadow King, fired an arrow from the Moon Bow of Lileath direct for Malektihs heart from behind.  Malektih would have died if not for Teclis using his connection with his goddess Lileath to alter the arrows path causing it to strike Tyrion in the shoulder instead.  Teclis would plead with Lileath one last time to take Malekith and those loyal heroes to him away from the wrath of Tyrion.

Teclis would accompany Malektih The Shrine of Asuryan where he walked through the Flame and finally took his rightful place as Phoneix King.  Teclis knew it to be Malektihs Destiny and once the path was walked the Shrine of Asuryan sank into the sea.  Teclis served as Malektih' aid and consular as he helped him come into his throne.  Many Elves flocked to his banner, but many more also followed Tyrion who some believed was the true leader of their race.  Many more remained neutral as their world had been shaken by these developments and did not know how to respond.

It was during this time that Malektih, working with the spirit of Caledor The Dragon Tamer devised a plan to rip apart The Great Vortex and put the remaining winds of magic into Elven Heros to halt the advance of Chaos which had been overwhelming the realms of men and dwarf and prevent The End Times from reaching its end.  Malektih and Alarielle, now married (unhappily) as tradition dictated, refused the idea.  Teclis continuing his long game helped the curse of Khaine spread to Malektihs loyal in order to convince the pair to follow his plan.

Teclis at this point seemed to be playing with fire, but while it seemed he was playing his long game at his own volition he was actually following and working with the Goddess Lileath.  She had never left the Elves as the other gods had, but had merely taken on the form as The Lady of The Lake and had been nurturing the realm of Bretonnia over the centuries to act as a shield for the Elves in her secreted away realm and save them from The End Times.

On the Isle of The Dead Teclis began the ritual with the help of Caledor Dragontamer from within the vortex.  Malekith, Alairelle, and their armies stood in defense as Tyrion and his forces came to stop them.  Despite the fierce battle around him, Teclis was succeeding unraveling the great vortex, but Malekith ever prideful began casting spells using the energy from the vortex to empower himself, destabilizing the delicate spell.  Teclis began to lose control of the spell and some winds of magic escaped the vortex and shot away to distant lands.  Mortahi, who was with Tyrion also cast mighty spells pulling energies from the vortex further destabilizing Teclis' attempt to control the winds of magic contained within.

The conclusion of the battle saw Caledor and Morathi devoured by Slaanesh alongside countless Elf souls, all of which had been trapped within the vortex.  Tyrion lay dead as an arrow from Alith Anar had ended his life as he dueled with Malektih and most of the Winds of magic had escaped.  Any other mage would have failed utterly, but Teclis managed to salvage something of the day through his force of will alone almost killing him.  He anchored the wind of Life in Alarielle, Shadow within Malektih, and anchored the wind of Light in his Staff of Lileath.  Ulthuan would sink beneath the waves killing many elves, but some would escape as the Wood Elves came to the island's aid to help those willing walk the realm roots to Athel Loren.  Teclis would remain on the Isle as it sank and was last seen carrying his brother's body as the ocean swallowed them at last.

Teclis had many regrets but knew he was doing what needed to be done.  He questioned, however, how much more he would need to do before it was all over.  With the aid of Lileath, he saw the only way to stop the endless cycle and defeat Chaos once and for all.  He was sacrificing everything for a goal more noble and bold than any could imagine and he walked the path alone.  That path would see him steal the true flame of Ulric dooming Middenheim to die as it was besieged by Archaon and his now united Chaos army.  Teclis killed the god for his power, letting many die in order to save many more and perform a miracle.

The End Times would play out and those Heroes who had been infused by the wild Winds of Magic met to finally defeat Archaon and save the world.  The final player was Tyrion, reborn as the Incarnate of Light, returned to help as the final alliance of the races opposed to Chaos fought for survival.  Time was running out, however, and Teclis had one last sacrifice to make to save the world.  The alliance needed to reach Middenheim as Archaon had opened a third Chaos gate within the depths of the city that would tear the world apart unless it was closed by the power of the Incarnates.  Lileath told Teclis to use her remaining life force, killing her, to perform the largest spell of teleportation ever achieved.

Teclis had done so much at her request to save the world.  He had betrayed his brother, sacrificed the lives of innocents to their fate, undone the work of greatest mage who ever lived, and his soul suffered for it.  This request was the first time he faltered as Lileath had been a guide and was the last remaining true Elven god left walking among his kind.  Lileath with the help fo Sigmar, having returned to the world in the body for Karl Franz, convinced him it was the only way.  Accepting the dagger he killed his goddess and used her power to perform the spell.  He almost failed in his casting has the blood of Lileath washed over his hands and the guilt of all his actions welled up from within, but Sigmar, laying, a hand on his shoulder,  helped him finish his task.  Teclis transported the incarnates and as much of the remaining alliance of races as he could, but the spell wasn't perfect and he found himself captured by Archaon in Middenheim when he awoke.

Depressed and without his Staff and Sword he was a toy for Archaons amusement.  Teclis, while emotionally spent and resigned to his fate at this point, remained defiant.  He assured Archaon that his plans were coming to an end and that the gods of Chaos would be no more.  The final battle began as the allied races attacked Middenheim and Archaons endless horde to stop the end of the world.  The incarnates would come to the chamber to face Archaon, free Teclis, and stop the now growing Chaos rift recently opened.  Archaon would be cast aside by Sigmar allowing the remaining incarnates a chance to stop the end of the world.  The wind of Ghur and Aqshy had been released at the deaths of their bearers during the battle.  Teclis, beaten and bruised, stood tall and forced the winds to return to him.  Together with the Incanartes Teclis poured their energies into the rift.  Even for Teclis, the power of two winds of magic was too much and his body and mind began to fail.  He held true as it was the way to save the world and win the long game he had been playing for so many centuries.

The combined effort was working, but due to the now chaos corrupted Mannfred Von Carstein all would be lost.  Mannfred killed Balthasar Gelt who held the Wind of Metal within him.  As the wind of magic sought to escape Teclis reached out with all his effort to pull it within himself, but this was too much.  Teclis' body burst into ash as he tried to contain the three winds of magic.  They would all fail and The Old World became The World That Was.

The Mortal Realms would follow and Teclis would awake at his brother's side in the realm of Hysh.  Tyrion, blinded now sees through Teclis's eyes and the pair worked closely together along with Malerion and eventually Morathi.  Joining Sigmar's Pantheon they set out to find what happened to the Aelves after the events of The End Times.  Teclis would be instrumental in the capture of Slaanesh and was granted the first tithe of Aelf souls pulled from the Chaos Gods body where he created what was to become the Idoenth Deepkin.  While he viewed the darkness in their heart as a failure and choose to exterminate the race his hand was stayed by Tyrion.  His true reasoning for wanting to end the failed first attempt to recreate the Aelves is unknown other than he saw the darkness within them.  It is likely that there is a deeper reason for this and one day I hope we learn the real reason for his line of reasoning.

Teclis was born a frail and weak elf with little hope of survival into adulthood.  He was a mortal who touched gods, worked with gods, and ultimately became a god.  Teclis would find himself an outsider of his own people at times but would continue to lead them and do what needed to be done for their survival.  He was willing to sacrifice for the greater good and he was the only one willing to go as far as he did.  No other would look at the ultimate goal of defeating the Chaos gods once and for all until Sigmar's return and without Teclis the history of the The World That Was would have ceased to be much earlier than it had come to pass.  People often look to him as a child playing with fire and how he failed over and over again.  He failed to save his brother form the Curse of Aenarion, he failed to anchor the Winds of Magic into the elf heroes of his choosing, he failed to halt the End Times, and more recently he failed the race of Aelves he created.

As people look only to his failures it is far too often ignored that he was the only one willing to go as far as he had.  He was the only one truly willing to try and save the world and stop the cycle.  He did fail, but he got back up every single time and tried again.  True failure is giving up once you have failed.  Teclis never gave up and he will likely never give up.  He will continue to try to recreate the glory of the Aelves, but he now views everything through the lens of a god as opposed to a mortal.  Teclis is one of the greatest Characters of The World That Was and, I believe, the greatest mage to exist within the lore.  Far from being a village idiot, he is one of the wisest beings to walk the realms and is the most willing to do what must be done to win the long game.

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