Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Hobby Table : 10-17-18

UPDATE:  I had a few generous people reach out to me and offer to be guest writers for the days I am away so you can now expect regular posts while I am away on the usual Mon, Wed, Fri schedule.  Big thanks to Matt and Paul for helping me out!

Hey Everyone!  Before I dive into what has been on my Hobby Table for the past week I want to make a small announcement.  As you are already aware I will be vacationing to England with my wife next week for some sightseeing, some Warhammer, and seeing some great friends.  Due to the trip, I will be taking a short break from my regular blogging schedule.  My last post before I leave will me my Community All-Gates on 10/22 and you won't see another blog post until I return with a  Hobby Table on 10/31.  Taking a break has been a tough decision as I have been very consistent and didn't want to break the streak.  Looking back I don't believe I missed a post or took a few days off for about two years or so and I am very proud of that fact.  However, I want to focus on the trip, take lots of pictures, and enjoy my time as opposed to making sure I get another post out.  I don't want to leave you all hanging while I am away so this Friday you can expect another Character History post where I dive deep into Teclis, who he was, who he is, and his efforts to save everything time and time again.

Continuing the trend from last week I have been rebasing my Wanderers to match my Sylvaneth as well as adjusting their colors from a Spring Season to an Autumnal season.  I tackled all the mounted models, as well as some I, plan to use this Saturday at my local club.  I only have a few units and a handful of heroes which I am planning on completing this week.  I have been getting excited to get them on the table and it is likely I run them as their own force as well as using them as allies for my Sylvaneth.

While completing this small project I began thinking about all the Aelves I had recently rebased to rounds and finding myself a bit annoyed I had not used them at all for games outside of my Wanderers.  While the Aelven factions have been split up I have more than enough models to run an Eldritch Council, Darkling, Covens, Phoenix Temple, and plenty more mixed order lists.  While I have a few projects planned out for the next few months I am also planning on reorganizing these shelves to better represent what they can be used for in The Mortal Realms.  That way I can simply rebase an army whenever the mood strikes to play something different for a game or two.

Outside of all of this, I am working on my costume for Realms at War, but as it is a secret I am not showing any progress on it.  I am hoping it all turns out okay, but since it is for fun I am not stressing a lot about it.  I am going for laughs and a shot at Best Costume at the event more than creating an amazing cosplay level outfit.  I will catch up with you all Friday and until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore