Monday, October 15, 2018

Community All-gates : 10-15-18

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community.  It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye.  This past weekend we saw the Michigan GT, Armies on Parade, as well as the anticipated Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Finals at Warhammer World.  Be sure to check out the post from Dan over at AoS Shorts to see the results of the GT Finals.  Today, however, I want to point you toward one of the best Twitter threads going on right now.  Neo Steve Foote is participating in Inktober, but with the idea of creating his dream Wargaming tables and they are great to look at and get inspired from so be sure to follow the thread and check every day for his latest table idea.

I really enjoy that he is ignoring any real-world issues with building the tables to let his imagination create his dream tables and it reminds me that this is something I do not do enough of for my own hobby.  Here are a few of my favorites he has done so far this month.

Be sure to give Steve a follow and give him Kudos for running with this idea.  It is inspiring me and I am sure I am not alone.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore