Friday, October 12, 2018

What is Your Favorite Narrative Twist?

Everyone loves a good story and the Warhammer Universe contains some of the best one could find.  As we collect, build, and paint out models we are also getting invested in the lore.  Once you find a faction that you connect with it is very easy to begin diving deeper and deeper into that factions history, stories, and heroes to help you build your armies narrative.  Warhammer Fantasy Battles had decades of lore built up through the years and Age of Sigmar has been going from strength to strength with each new releases and novel.   As more and more lore is released it is inevitable that some twists to the story will happen.  Some are small and add a different bit of flavor and other twists can you know to its very core.  Today I want to talk about my favorite plot twist that hit me so hard it has shaped my views of armies into The Age of Sigmar and changed everything I knew about my original Warhammer love, The Asur

When I began playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles the High Elf army hooked me in and refused to let go.  I would play the army for multiple years learning how to play the army as an infantry style, a magic heavy style, and a cavalry style.  I loved the models, how they played, and most especially their lore.  I read every version of the army books I could get my hands on and eventually moved over to Black Library Novels.  I fell in love with the Heroes and how they shaped the faction as a whole.  Their rise to power, their wars, and their tragic story gripped me, but they had hope and what they were fighting for was a right and just cause I could get behind.  The army also gave me someone to root against in the form of the Dark Elves.  Those elves who followed the traitorous leader Malekith now known as Malerion within The Mortal Realms.

After a long and bloody civil war, the evil and vile Dark Elves had been eventually pushed off the idyllic isle and home of the High Elves, Ulthuan.  The Dark Elves and Malekith would continue to attack Ulthuan to claim what they felt was theirs to claim.  The Dark Elves wanted the home back and Malektih wanted his father's crown of The Phoenix King.  I knew without a shred of doubt that the High Elves were right and the Dark Elves were wrong.  My hobby revolved around this as I let myself explore the lore of the elves with a focus on High Elves.  I did dive deep into the Dark Elf lore, but its purpose was to know my enemy more than any love for them and what they believed.

All was right with the world as The End Times kicked off.  I was admittedly shocked when Imrik swapped sides and when Tyrion drew The Widowmaker (although less surprised by this turn of events).  However, there was a single moment that when I read it made me set down the book for a few hours as I let it settle.  In a single piece of art and a few paragraphs, everything I knew about my favorite army and who they were was shattered.  I had never felt impacted by a fictional story so much and while it might seem a bit silly my entire hobby was changed the day it was revealed that Malekith was the true Phoenix King.

It took a while for me to fully accept the fact and it even got me starting a Dark Elf army, and even a Wood Elf army.  I realized I was limiting my view and that not everything appears to be and the moment Malektih walked through the Flame of Asuryan my hobby was changed.  I looked more into the Dark Elves and their Heroes from a different point of view and grew to love them in their own right.  Morathi and the Daughters of Khaine have been my first army in the Age of Sigmar I have truly fallen in love with in the same way I had with my High Elves long ago.  However, while diving deep into the faction I am eagerly looking toward beginning my Idoenth force and seeing what Malerion, Tyrion, and Teclis will bring to The Mortal Realms in the future.

I feel that this plot twist was one of the defining points of my hobby life.  What are you favorite plot twists that redefined your view of an army, the lore, or your hobby as a whole?  Let me know in the comments below and share your stories.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore