Monday, November 5, 2018

Community All-gates : RAW18 Armies

Hey Everyone!  Today in my Community All-Gates post I wanted to take time and show off all the incredible armies from the Realms at War: Aethermy even that happened a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to attend.  The level of Hobby was incredible and everyone put forth their best effort and work and seeing these armies in person was inspiring to say the least.  Check out the photos below and head over to Twitter to follow the #RAW18 tag to find everyone who attended and give them a follow so you can continue to see their amazing work!

I did my best to grab pictures of every army at the event, but it is possible I missed a few in the madness.  Be sure to check out the recent post over on the Pro Painted Studios Blog where they uploaded photos including close-ups of everyone's Aethermyst and Aetherlabs.  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore