Friday, November 2, 2018

The Hobby Table : 11-2-18

Hey Everyone!  I am back in the saddle after my vacation from England these past few weeks.  Next week I plan to talk a lot about my trip across the pond, my time at Warhammer World, and my adventures at Realms at War 2018.  In short, the adventure was incredible and I am very happy I finally went over to the Warhammer Mecca and I suggest everyone try to do so at least once in their hobby life. Today I want to get you all caught up on the hobby I was working on right before I left for England.  It might be a bit of a short post today as I ease back into my Blogging grove, but you can expect some extensive post next week.

A few weeks ago my local club wrapped up a narrative campaign run by my club mate Luis.  The event took place over three separate gaming sessions over a few months with a fourth event mixed in the middle that saw everyone Heroes battle it out in a mighty Arena!  Luis had us all build armies using matched play points that would increase month to month while also creating a narrative for the force as it traveled around the realms in a fun and connected story Luis had set up for us all.  The intent of the event was to give the club a good reason to play games in each of the mortal realms and get a chance to experiment with the new rules from the Core Book.  It was a great bit of fun as every Realmscape Feature was fair game and were rolled for at the start of each game.  The features caused a lot of havoc in my games and while a few of them are a bit much for a competitive play event, they are fantastic to use when you want to have fun at the table.

I decided to take Sylvaneth at the start of the event, but as the event wore on and I found myself with less time to paint the Alarielle I had planned to cap off my army.  I decided to ally in more and more Wanderers in order to meet the point size jumps.  During the last gameday, I decided to use the event as motivation to rebase all of my Wanderers as well as adjust their color scheme to fit more in line with my Autumn Sylvaneth as well as match the basing.

Having previously moved all my Aelves to round bases it was really just a matter of giving the bases some texture, painting the rims, and adjusting a bit of paint.  Originally the color scheme for my Wanderers was Green with Purple, but to match the autumn style of my Sylvaneth I needed to remove the green from the equation.  I choose a light tan color which I used on many of my Sylvaneth and thankfully the color covered nicely allowing the process to be very quick.  I also opted to adjust the blades on all my weapons to match the spirit style my Sylvaneth use and I am very happy I made this change.  It took the longest bit of time, but it really stands out in the army and gives them a bold unifying color to my Sylvaneth.

Everyone had a great time in the narrative event and I was very excited to take home a trophy!  It also turned out to be a good reason to get my Wanderers ready for some future games and it has sparked my urge to complete the rebasing of my Aelves with a bit of texture or flocking.  I am thinking of rebasing my Order Draconis next, but these rebasing projects will be used as short breaks from larger projects.  My hobby is kicking into high gear after my time in England seeing so many inspiring armies and models and I plan to ride this hobby high as long as possible.  See you next week and Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore