Monday, December 10, 2018

Community All-gates : 12-10-18

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community.  It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye.  Today I want to encourage you all to head over to The Independent Characters website to check out how they are helping wargamers in California who have been affected by the Wildfires that recently happened.  They are organizing as many people as they can to help our fellow Wargamers have a bit of joy this Holiday by helping them replace armies lost.


There are multiple ways to help and I encourage everyone to check it out and do whatever you are able to do.  Seeing a community rally to help those who have lost is wonderful to see and while we are playing war with our miniature games of choice, in the end, we are all people who can end up in a similar situation and having people help you when you are down is one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

Click here to help!

Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore