Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Hobby Table : 12-12-18

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I just came off my final Age of Sigmar event for 2018 hosted by the Rend 4 club, but there isn't much time to rest as Waaaghpaca 2019 is coming up quick.  I have begun playing with some lists for the event and even though I have the final unit of Witch Aelves all ready for painting they are going to have to wait as I will be taking a list without a single one of them due to a requirement of using movement trays on nits 20+ strong.  I don't feel Age of Sigmar needs movement trays and they can lead to poor tactical decisions in my mind its combat and not movement that can slow a game down.  With that in mind, I decided to work around the requirement with my list.  I don't fault anyone who uses movement trays and I am not upset in anyway an event is requiring them, but they are not for me and how I play the game.  The upside to this is I have really enjoyed exploring list ideas not using my typical go-to unit, but don't worry The Witch Aelf Horde isn't being shelved for long. 

As I work out my list and decide on what models to take to the event I am spending my hobby time working on a few other smaller projects.  One that has finally hit my desk is an idea I had for my local club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming, that has us all painting toward a single goal.  My local club has a strong connection to my FLGS, Toy Soldier Gallery, and after speaking with the shop owner my idea became a reality.  I wanted a way to represent the club within the FLGS and show how we all came together over the years.  The shop donated an Age of Sigmar Starter set and even built and primed the models for the project.  Each club member is currently painting a single Stormcast Model in their own scheme and style.  The idea is that the model represents each one of us and our reforging into the club as it is today.  Everyone has to have them back into the shop by the end of this month for the shop to base them and put them on display.  After being displayed for a while in the shop we plan to auction it off and donate the funds to charity.  My representation will be a Lord-Relictor and I plan to paint it in my custom Stormhost colors in the next few days.

Painting up a Stormcast Hero has given me an itch to finally do something with the models from my Soul Wars Box set that has sat on my desk for far too long.  I have waffled between selling the models, giving them a club member who could make use of them, and even just buckling down and painting them up.  I don't see myself moving away from Daughters of Khaine anytime soon so the urge to paint anything else has been low, but I set a goal to build the set by the end of the month before I make any decision on what to do with them.  I often find that building models can get me enthused to paint them so by the end of the month I will know if I want to keep them, shelve them, or pass them along to someone in need.  

I am also using the bit of hobby slow time to organize a bit better.  I have picked up the third shelf to store terrain as well as some armies and I should have it full in no time, and most likely looking at a fourth shelf.  My hobby area is starting to get a bit crowded, but it is just more motivation to finally clean and finish the basement.  I am looking to have the basement be a home gym/hobby area by end of next year.  I have also been looking at finding a better solution for my awards I have been slowly accumilating.  It is nice to display them alongside my armies, but over time they all end up in the same corner of my hobby area.  I am proud to have earned these and am really trying to find a nice way to show them all off in my hobby room.

Before I go I want to share with you all the entries for the painting competition from the Rend 4 event this past weekend.  I will have my full event coverage for you all this Friday, but I wanted to showcase the exceptional entries for the Painting Award on its own for you all to enjoy.  The club ran multiple polls to decide on what model to paint for the competition and while I did not participate I want to congratulate everyone who did on a Job well done!

Rend 4 Winter 2018 Painting Competition:

See you all Friday!  Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore