Monday, December 17, 2018

Community All-gates : 12-17-18

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to the "Community All-gates", the weekly feature on The Realm Gate Blog where every Monday I plan to highlight something or someone from around the Age of Sigmar and Miniature Painting Community.  It might be an Event, a YouTube Channel, Blog, Army List, Model, Hobby Project, or anything else that catches my eye.  Today I want to point you toward the announced Realms at War Uprising event next October via a tweet from Jimbo!

Last week we saw the name for #RAW19 revealed on a Warhammer TV interview with Mitzy and Steve Foote, titled Uprising.  Today we get our first peek at what that name might imply as well as get the dates to mark in our calendars.  The event will be in Cambridge once more, but the exact venue is still being determined.  I encourage everyone to consider going as it is a fantastic event weekend in a wonderful town.

While I will need to work out the details if Tayrathi will officially be able to return next year I am putting forth a lot of effort to ensure my wife and I can make the crossing!  Tayrathi was reborn fully after last years events involving Aethermy and if I am able to make it over she will be continuing her quest to expose and take down Morathi in order to truly rebirth Khaine!  If I am able to make it over I plan to fully realize Tayrathi on the table with a fun conversion I have been working on involving the Morathi Models and perhaps another go at Best Costume would be in order...

Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore