Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Hobby Table : 12-19-18

Happy Hobby Wednesday everyone!  The Holidays are here and I have failed spectacularly at taking time to relax and catch up on some small projects.  Instead of wrapping up the few hobby projects on my desk I managed to add a great deal more, but it isn't as bad as it seems.  While my hobby table is full and there is a small backlog I have no real commitments outside of painting a few models for Waaaghpaca next month so there is no stress to complete anything immediately.   I am also learning to not feel as if I to have built models on my painting desk and instead allow myself to build models as I feel knowing they may sit unpainted for a bit until I have the need to urge to paint them.  It is a small adjustment, but one that will allow me to focus more on my blog, YouTube channel, and soon to be released podcast as opposed to prioritizing my time painting for painting sake.

One of the great things about this time of year is all the festivities and gatherings of friends and acquaintances.  My local Warhammer Store was no exception as it held its Holiday Party this past weekend.  I stopped in with my wife to enjoy some small games as well as chat with fellow hobbyists for an evening.  I was happy to help a few hobbyists who had been painting Age of Sigmar and digesting the Black Library novels through their very first game in The Mortal Realms!  Instead of having them stressing over points they selected a unit or two they liked from their army and I had them get rolling!  It was a quick and brutal game, but they both got a grasp of how the game flows and they immediately reset and readjusted the board to have another game!  It brought a big smile to my face seeing them take their first steps into The Age of Sigmar!

Back on my hobby desk is a plethora of different small projects, organizing, and planning for the future, without stressing about finishing it all right away.  I picked up and assembled a Herald of Slaanesh as the Chaos god slowly continues digging their hooks into me.  I have also been enjoying the Novella series books recently released as they are easy to toss in a bag and carry with you to read whenever a few minutes present themselves throughout the day.  There is also another shelf in my basement hobby area now and it didn't take long to fill it up.  I decided to pull some of my armies on display throughout myself down to my hobby area as my wife and I redecorate a few rooms.  I have no intention to hide away my hobby as I am very proud of it all and the joy it brings me very much defines part of who I am, but having most of my armies all in my hobby area does make it easier to keep track of what I have and plans to grow the armies in the future.  I am still keeping my Daughters of Khaine displayed in my house as it is my primary army and it brings me a lot of pride and joy seeing it every day.

Speaking of my favorite army, I have opted to add shields to my final unit of Witch Aelves.  I did this to give me the option to have two full units of Witch Aelves with shields in my lists if I choose to play a more defensive build for an event or some pickup games.  I am really excited to begin playing with different lists within the army and it is likely I will give Temple Nest a Try before the year is out.  I also took time to truly consider what to do with the Stormcast Models I have which had been unbuilt for a very long time.  I had the full Soul Wars set as well as the Endless Spells, a Lord-Aquilor, and my recent acquisition of an Errant-questor I picked up from Warhammer World.  I opted to build the kits I wanted to keep and plan to sell the rest.  I still love my Stormcast and thoroughly enjoyed my time playing them, but my heart is with the Daughters of Khaine so I didn't want to have the models I wasn't going to use collecting dust.

The last bit of hobby I completed was for a small project I organized with my FLGS and my local club.  Everyone is painting a Stormcast model to represent themselves to be based alike and displayed at the shop.  It is a way for the club to have representation in the shop to show off who we are and how we have grown over the past few years.  I completed my piece in the style of my custom Stormchost of Red and White.  Once everyone gets their models in and they are based I will be sure to post up plenty of pictures!

May your week be filled with gaming, painting, and modeling.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore