Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Hobby Table : 12-5-18

Hey Everyone!  It feels like yesterday for my last Hobby Table post as the week flew by me quickly.  A big part of why it flew by so quickly was my final preparations for this weekend's two-day event being hosted by the Rend 4 club over in Ohio.  Last night I set my army out on its display board to see how it will all layout and I was quite pleased with how full it was with 150 Witch Aelves covering almost every inch of it!  It should be some crazy games with the army and I will be sure to do a full write up of the event and my games next week.

In order to get my army ready, I have been working on the latest unit of Witch Aelves over the past few weeks and I finally managed to finish them up over the week.  To accompany the unit I needed another Hag Queen and I decided to paint up a recent kitbash that used a model from the Dark Elf Blood Bowl kits.  It is really more of an arm/weapon swap, but since the model is so unique it stands out well as a hero in my army.  I am drawing ever closer to my goal of a maxed out Witch Aelf Horde and I find I still enjoy painting this army and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

As I mentioned above I set out my army for this weekend on its Display Board to grab some photos for a bit of fun and to enjoy the hard work I have put into painting all the models.  The display board needed a fair bit of work this past week as well since its last use at Adepticon 2018 in March.  A lot of the extra bits had been removed to use in my army and other conversions and I was never entirely happy with how flat the earth looked on the board.  After playing with my heat gun and some more Blood for The Blood God Technical paint I am much happier with the board in general, but I am continuing to think of different ways to improve it for future use.

Over the weekend I managed to find time to meet up with my local club as well for a painting day.  We are working on a new escalation league building to 1000pt forces.  The catch is the players had to let me choose what army they will use.  I took the idea from an event Paul Buckler is planning that sounded incredibly fun.  It is much slimmed down from his plans, but I was pleased that most club members were okay with me choosing the army they would purchase, build, paint, and play.  While we all sat around working on our army we shared bits of their rules and lore we enjoyed about our new armies.  While I was a bit late to the event I did manage to get one of my eels mostly done to lock in a paint scheme.    I also received the last thirty Witch Aelves I purchased so expect these to take priority on my table once more as I work through them.

Outside of all this fun, I did purchase a nice microphone during the holiday sales which arrived this past week.   However, that's of no consequence so I am not sure why I am mentioning it (*waits for everyone to buy my obvious lie*).  I set it up and it works great though!

I hope your week has been full of hobby and I also hope, for no real reason at all, the idea of a podcast about Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Fitness is an appealing one.  I will see you all on Friday as I wrap up the week and head off to Ohio for a fun event with good friends.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore