Friday, January 4, 2019

Content Plans for 2019

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to take some time and let you know all the changes coming to my content channels in the coming year as I push towards improving what I put out for everyone to enjoy.  Over 2018 I began to dabble in YouTube while also increasing how many blog posts I put out every week and while the blog has been going strong my YouTube channel has had a bit of a false start that I aim to rectify this year.  I am also putting a lot more out there every day on various social media platforms and I hope to have many of you follow me on your preferred platform to make sure I can connect with each and every one of you.  Finally, I have gathered up a group of friends to begin recording for a new podcast coming your way soon!  As I move towards integrating Fitness with Warhammer I hope you will join me and continue to help me put out better and better content and check out the bottom of the article for links to everything!

Over the past year, I have had a big focus on improving my blog, both aesthetically and functionally while putting out more and more articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have very much enjoyed writing on a more regular timeframe and if it wasn't for all of you reading as often as you do I would not have had the motivation to take on the workload.  However, as I began working on recording and editing videos for YouTube I soon realized that something would have to give if I wished to get on a regular recording routine.  In the near future, I plan to post blogs less per week to free up more time for other regular content.  You can still expect one to two blog articles per week as I find my groove and this website will be the best way to connect with all my content.

So with fewer blog articles per week what can you expect in return?  The aim is to use the free time to put out more video on Youtube on a weekly basis.  To begin I am aiming for one video per week keeping to a Vlog/entertaining format while occasionally mixing in reviews and tutorials as I feel.  I was humbled in 2018 at how much effort recording a video for YouTube really was, but I also came to love the process and I hope the future content I have planned will bring a smile to your faces!

In order to make sure you have every way possible to know when I put content out, I am looking to step up my presence on various Social Media Platforms in 2019.  I have been very active on Twitter in the past few years and you can expect that to continue without a doubt.  However, I have found I really enjoy Instagram over the past few months and I am looking to grow there as well and due to how it is laid out you will find much more regular daily content over there in my stories.  If Instagram isn't something you are after however you can simply go like and follow my Facebook page to see the same content posted directly over there!  I would love if you followed me on every platform, but I know some platforms work better for different people so I wanted to have every avenue covered for you to be able to easily connect with me and my content.

You may remember that a few years ago I lead the charge in the creation of the U.S. Community Modular Event Pack with the goal to help give all the various regions across the country a tool to use to help form clubs, connect, and run Age fo Sigmar Events.  It would not have been a success without a lot of fantastic people within our community jumping in with me to create and promote its use.  

I have another project in the works that I am just getting started that I hope will be of use to each and every one of you.  Due to its nature, it is something I plan to create slowly with lots of trial and error but plan to have it finished and released by the end of this year.  As it evolves and more concrete milestones happen I will be sure to let you all know, stay tuned!

As you saw very early in the post you can expect a monthly podcast coming from myself and a few of my friends very soon!  Its focus, like the rest of my content, will be a mix of Warhammer and Fitness and it promises to be a fun, positive, and family friendly.  

I am very excited for this year and what it can bring and I hope these changes excite you as well.  While there may be fewer blog articles from me each week you will see an increase in my content overall!  I hope you will join me for all of the fun.  Let us get Stormcast Strong together and as always Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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