Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Hobby Table : 1-2-19

Happy New Year and Happy Hobbying everyone!  The Holidays are behind us and it is time to hit the ground running as we head off into 2019 for another great year!  Before I go much farther I want to let everyone know that the room blocks for NOVA Open 2019 are now open!  Head over to check out the latest newsletter to find out the details and get your spot secured before they sell out!  Now back to the Hobby Table!  It has been great having time off to get lots of projects moving and prepped and while it may seem as if I have a lot to do it isn't as bad as it seems as I am finally having a few things commissioned.  I have never been through the army commissioned process, but I plan to give you the details as it plays out in the coming months.

Being a New Year a lot of people are setting resolutions for 2019 and I am no exception.  I set two goals for myself this year, one around the Hobby and one around my fitness, but I am keeping them sealed and secret until a year from now.  While the focus is on 2019 I do not want to forget all the fun I had over 2018 and to do that I finally printed and framed a copy of the Tayrathi art I had done by Eric (StoneMonk).  I plan to continue building off last year and have a fantastic 2019!

To wrap up my year I painted up a Herald of Slaanesh to finally round out my Slaanesh force at 1000pts for some small game fun.  I do plan to grow the army once we get the inevitable Battletome and potential new model release!  I also began to get some color on the only model I need to paint for Waaaghpaca 2019 and I am excited to get moving on painting it up!  Outside of painting, I managed to finish building the remaining Daughters of Khaine models I picked up with the Holiday box set in preparation for some future painting projects.

I have done a bit more building and plan to have a bit more to do this week as I have decided to have my Idoneth Deepkin army commissioned painted by Sean M. of Brushforhire.  Sean is an exceptional painted, local to my area, and a good friend.  I was feeling a lack of motivation to paint the army but really wanted to get them on the table and looking good.  I reached out to Sean and worked out one on one what I wished to have painted and a general idea of what I was after for the army.  I have been building up the remaining models before I hand the army over for a few months and only have a few heroes left to go.  I am leaving 95% of the project's color and scheme up to Sean entirely and I cannot wait to see what he does with the freedom!  I will be sure to continue posting about the project and its progress as time goes by so be sure to check back in often.

Outside of my Idoneth Deepkin, I am also having my Lord of The Rings army painted by Norm who runs my FLGS.  I am very eager to have him paint these models as his paint style really fits what I am looking for in these models.  I will be sure to show off how they look once they are painted!

I hope the new year has begun on a good foot for you and that you are ready to attack your goals and take 2019 by the horns!  There is a whole year ahead of us for plenty of hobby projects and plenty of time to improve ourselves so until next time, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore