Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Hobby Table : 1-16-19

Hey Everyone!  I hope you have had a good week full of gaming, painting, and dice rolling since the last Hobby Table.  While I haven't been doing a ton of actually painting lately I have been keeping busy with other hobby-related items.  The biggest bit was finally clipping all the extra bits from the stack of sprues I had piled below my hobby desk.  It felt great clearing up all that space, but it was one of the least exciting hour and a half I have had in a while.  It is a necessary task that reinforced my commitment to clip the bits as I build kits as opposed to saving the task for a few years down the road.  Now on to the rest of the week which was much more exciting!

My Local Club had their monthly meet up this past weekend where we wrapped up a small league we had been running the past few months.  The games were around 600 points, but we kept it interesting by having players swap armies for a game, team up for a round, and kept the focus on the fun of playing and falling in love with a new army.  We had a nice turnout and a day full of rolling dice and sharing the excitement and plans for growing our armies in the future.  Next month we all begin prepping for Adepticon so a nice event like this was a great way to get the year rolling before we begin to focus on more competitive lists in the coming months.

I also managed to complete the remaining the objectives I needed in preparation for Waaaghpaca 2019.  I have admittedly been dragging my feet in finishing these up, but I buckled down to get them built and painted so I could relax in the coming week before the event and lay out the game plan for my army as I venture North!  Be sure to check back Friday as I dive into all my plans and preparation for the event!

The final bit of Hobby from the week was sorting a few of the missing gaps in my Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness army.  While I am thrilled to have been gifted a full unit of the Juan Diaz Daemonettes by my buddy Matt a while ago I recently realized they lacked a command unit.  While the champion simply has a spare With Aelf head at her feet I still needed a Banner and Musician.  Thankfully after sorting through my bits, I found a spare chaos banner and a Witch Aelf horn.  It didn't take much to get them converted and painted up and I am pleased with the results. 

I also found that, while I had a Daemon Prince, I lacked a Chaos Spawn.  I decided to kitbash something up as opposed to buying the kit.  I wanted something unique and disturbing to represent the model if the Chaos gods choose to look unfavorable when I roll Eye of the Gods.  I used the Gorebeast body from the Slaves to Darkness Charot, a spare head from the Kharibdyss, a few bits from a Treelord, an extra Slaaneshi head, and some greenstuff.  After I built it I was unsure about it as it looked very odd, but after getting it painted up I found myself excited to see it hit the table!

I hope you have been having a great start to the New Year and you are working toward those Hobby goals!  I will see you on Friday with my "Road to Waaaghpaca 2019" coverage and until then, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore